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On May 17, signed contract on Kosti and Rabat Water Supply Project of Sudan. The contract value was 29.51 million US dollars.

On June 9, signed commercial contract and loan agreement of South Kyrgyzstan Cement Plant Project. The contract value was 77.80 million US dollars.

On June 19, CAMCE was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market.

On August 22, signed contract on the Complementary Engineering of Venezuela Water Supply Project Phase II. The contract value was 12.50 million US dollars.

On September 20, Vice Chairman and President of CAMCE Luo Yan was selected as Eminent Individual from members of Non-Communist Parties, Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Personage without Party Affiliation who contributes to building a well-off society.

On October 31, signed contract on Philippines Fuel Alcohol Project. The contract value was 35 million US dollars.

On November 1, completed the installation of CAMCE KOA office automation system, marking CAMCE’s “information and knowledge management” ushered into a practical implementation stage.

On December 19, signed contract on the Rehabilitation and Expansion (phase II project) of Guarico River Irrigation System in Venezuela. The contract value was 65 million US dollars.

In December, CAMCE applied use of P3EC project management system software, marking CAMCE project management advancing into a new level.

In December, a new, scientific and future-oriented human resource management system was established, improved the human resource management and laid a solid foundation for internal organizational development and strategy implementation.

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