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On January 12, CAMCE was qualified as a national Class A enterprise for foreign aid supplies.

On January 14, CAMCE was honored as a 3A credit enterprise by the China International Contractors Association.

From February 10 to 19, CAMCE Chairman Luo Yan accompanied Vice President Xi Jinping for a state visit to the five Latin American countries. On February 19 Venezuela Time, at the contract-signing ceremony for Sino-Venezuela bilateral cooperation projects at the presidential place of Venezuela, Chairman Luo and the chairman of the National Agricultural Development Department under the Ministry of Agricultural Land of Venezuela, entered into a US$ 308 million worth of business contract for Phase III reinstatement and extension of the Guarico irrigation system of Venezuela. Venezuelan President Chavez and Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping attended the ceremony.

On March 23, CAMCE held a rally for in-depth study and practice of the scientific concept of development.

On April 25, CAMCE Chairman Luo Yan attended the 6th China Forum on Development of Women of Economy in Beijing, and was listed among “China’s Top Ten Women of Economy for 2008”.

On April 25, CAMCE Chairman Luo Yan presided over the 16th meeting of the 3rd board of directors, at which proposals like the Work Report of General Manager, Work Report of Board of Directors, 2008 Final Accounting Report and 2008 Profit Distribution Plan were adopted upon deliberation.

On April 30, CAMCE was granted the A Credit Taxpayer jointly by Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau.

On May 16, CAMCE Falcon Water Transmission Project in Venezuela was completed after 7 years of construction.

On May 25, witnessed by Liu Jianchao, Chinese ambassador to Philippines and Arthur Yap, minister of agriculture of Philippines, CAMCE chairman Luo Yan entered into a US$ 93.85 million worth of general contract on the Agno integrated irrigation project with Salaza, director of Irrigation Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture of Philippines.

On June 7 Venezuela Time, accompanied by the Minister of Agricultural Land, Chairman of National Agricultural Development Department, President of Agricultural Company and Governor of Guarico, Venezuelan President Chavez visited the farm produce processing plant in Sombrero, Guarico contracted by CAMCE.

On July 1, the Owner of Mazmoon Water Supply Project in Sudan officially issued the Project Acceptance Certificate to CAMCE, symbolizing this project has been handed over successfully.

On July 12, Chairman Luo Yan visited Kyrgyzstan and accompanied Mr. Bakiyev, the President of Kyrgyzstan, on the site inspection of the Cement Plant Project, celebrating the commissioning of clinker production line of the plant.

From August 4 to 7, the 2009 CAMCE new staff orientation was held successfully. Chairman Luo Yan attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech.

From August 24 to 29, the second course for the second session of Project Manager Training Program of CAMCE was successfully held.

From September 9 to 12, “Win at Middle Level”, the third course for the first session of Professional Manager Training Program of CAMCE was successfully held.

On September 18, the Third Workers’ Games of China National Machinery Industry Corporation was held in Beijing. CAMCE won the Spiritual Civilization Award and the of Outstanding Organization Award.

On November 4, CAMCE signed the commercial contract for Dali Water Supply Project in Sudan with the Ministry of National Economy and Finance of Sudan, with contract value of 24 million US dollars.

On November 20, Chairman Luo Yan attended the opening ceremony of the 10thWorld Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention in Manila of the Philippines and was kindly received by H.E. Jia Qinglin, the Chairman of CPPCC.

On December 1, CAMCE started the open competition for senior and mid-level management positions.

On December 4, CAMCE was included in the Power Ranking List and Creative Ranking List of the 2009 Top 100 Enterprises of Zhongguancun and was granted with trophy cups and certificates.

On December 15, a meeting reporting achievements of the first session of project manager training program was held. All trainees each made an overall report on the knowledge and practical experience acquired in the past two years. It is the first summary report of project manager training program.

On December 16, “Win at Middle Level”, a summing-up meeting for the first session of Professional Manager Training program was held to report achievements of the training.

On December 23, CAMCE signed the commercial contract for the Guarico Irrigation Rehabilitation and Expansion Works (Section II, Phase III) in Venezuela with National Rural Development Bureau under the Ministry of Agricultural Land of Venezuela, with contract value of 312 million US dollars.

On December 24, CAMCE obtained the Certificate of High & New Technological Enterprise (certificate No.: GR200911001097, with a validity period of 3 years from July 23, 2009) jointly issued by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance, Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau. According to relevant national policies on high and new enterprises, the Company enjoyed a 15% preferential tax rate within 3 years since 2009.

On December 29, the 2009 Summing-up and Commendation Meeting of CAMCE was held successfully. At the meeting Chairman and President Luo Yan delivered a work report titled “Seizing opportunities, coordinating for development and striving for a larger and stronger CAMCE”. After the meeting, the 2009 Evening Party “Footprint of CAMCE” was held, during which Chairman Luo Yan, on behalf of the company, made a donation to SINOMACH Poverty and School Hardship Aid Charity Fund, expressing the company’s aspiration to undertake social responsibilities and care for the society. Ren Hongbin, Chairman of SINOMACH, Chief Accountant Luo Jiamang, Assistant President Wang Shuqing, Chairman of the Labor Union Wei Feng, and several other leaders of SINOMACH were invited to attend the meeting. 
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