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From January 5 to 7, the open competition defense for mid-level management positions (department general manager, department vice general manager, department assistant general manager, and representative) of CAMCE was held. 44 candidates participated the defense, senior management as judges and Chairman Luo Yan as chief interviewer.

On January 11, the 2010 Staff Meeting was held, at which Chairman Luo Yan announced appointment of senior and mid-level management of CAMCE.

On January 14, the Strategy Consultation Meeting was held, sorting out and evaluating the company's strategy implementation from 2006 to 2009, summing up experience, seeking for disparities and providing reference for the company to prepare for a new 3-year strategic planning.

On January 15, 2010 Annual Performance Contract Signing Ceremony was held. Chairman Luo Yan and senior management, as well as senior management and their departments in charge (or in assistance) respectively signed 2010 Annual Performance Contracts and Documents for Safety Production.

On January 29, CAMCE was awarded as “2009 Advanced Unit of SINOMACH” at the 2010 Work Meeting of SINOMACH.

On the morning of February 10, Completion Ceremony of the Myanmar Tyre Plant undertaken by CAMCE was held successfully.

On March 29, a Seminar on African Market Exploration was held. The seminar analyzed the current situations and tendency of engineering contracting in African markets and the company’s status and existing main problems in the development of African market. It also studied some other companies’ experience and made arrangement for market development strategy.

From March 30 to April 2, “Win at Middle Level”, the second session of Professional Manager Training program was successfully held.

On April 21, Shen Wei, General Manager of No.3 Engineering Department of CAMCE was honored as “Model Worker” of SINOMACH and the No.3 Engineering Department was awarded as the “Advanced Unit” of SINOMACH.

On May 4, a Seminar on Russian-speaking Areas and Central Asia Market Exploration was held. The seminar analyzed the current situations and tendency of engineering contracting in Russian-speaking areas and Central Asia. It also summarized the company’s status and existing problems related to market development in this area and made arrangement for market development strategy.

On May 5, ignition ceremony of Salim Sugar Mill in Indonesia undertaken by CAMCE was held.

On May 19, the 2009 General Shareholders’ Meeting of CAMCE was held, during which the Fourth Board of Directors and the Fourth Supervisory Committee were elected. The company’s Fourth Board of Directors consists of 9 directors, of which 3 are independent directors. Luo Yan, Ren Hongbin, Shao Qihui, Luo Jiamang, Wang Jianjun and Zhang Chunyan were elected as directors, while Cai Weici, Hu Hailin, Ge Changyin as independent directors. The Fourth Supervisory Committee consists of five supervisors, of which 3, Shi Hui, Wang Guoxing and Huang Cui, are shareholders’ representatives, and the other 2, Huang Jianzhou and Liu Jie, are employees’ representatives. In the subsequent First Meeting of the Fourth Board of Directors, Luo Yan was elected as Chairman of the Board and was appointed as president; Wang Yuhang, Wang Bo, Chen Yufang and Zhao Lizhi were appointed as vice presidents, Zhang Chunyan as Secretary of the Board, and Wang Huifang as Chief Financial Officer. The above-mentioned senior management together with assistant president Hu Wei and Peng Jiping constituted the company's new leadership team.

On May 21, signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement & survey and design contract of Kenya Urban Power Grid Upgrading Project Phase II (Lot-1) was held by CAMCE and CPECC ECEPDI in Shanghai.

On May 25, commercial contract for Tanzania Wami Sugar Mill Project was signed, with the contract value of 185 million US dollars.

On May 29, a commencement ceremony for the Reconstruction of Laos Luang Prabang International Airport Project undertaken by CAMCE was successfully held.

On June 1, Uzbekistan Yakuriel 3,300t Cement Grinding Station Project undertaken by CAMCE started trial production at 30% load along the full line.

On June 16, jointly witnessed by Xi Jinping, Vice President of China, and Bounnhang Vorachith, Vice President of Laos, a commercial contract for Laos Bailey Bridge was signed by Chairman Luo Yan and Ma Sumala, the Director General of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Laos. The contract value was 58.9 million US dollars.

On June 30, CAMCE was bestowed Green Channel Certificate by Beijing Haidian Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation. 

On July 12, the first congress of Communist Party of CAMCE was successfully held. The congress passed working reports of Two Committees and elected CAMCE first term of Party Committee members and Discipline Inspection Committee members. Zhao Lizhi was elected as the secretary to the first term of CAMCE Party Committee and Chen Yufang as vice secretary and secretary to the first term of Discipline Inspection Committee.

On July 16, CAMCE 2010 Midyear Summary Conference was held at Jiuhua Mountain Resort. At the conference, Chairman Luo Yan gave a midyear work report. Then, CAMCE Project Management System Knowledge Contest, themed "Common Transcendence, Common Vision", was staged. On the morning of July 17, a corporate outward bound, themed "Common Transcendence, Common Vision: Jointly Playing the Gorgeous Music of CAMCE", was held.

From July 21 to 22, Vice President Wang Yuhang was invited to attend 2010 GE Chinese EPC Partners Summit in Beijing.

On August 9, CAMCE Comprehensive Risk Management project initiation meeting was held. 

From August 10 to 14, CAMCE's 2010 new staff training was held, with the participation of 35 new staffs.

On August 19, CAMCE Chad Baoare Cement Plant Pre-operation Technical Training Class Commencement ceremony was held in Yunnan.

On August 31, CAMCE signed with Sudan Blue Nile Sugar Plant the contract of Sudan Blue Nile Sugar Plant affiliated Civil Works with contract price at 99 million US dollars.

On September 4, CAMCE and Venezuela National Electric Power Company (VNEPC) under the Ministry of Electric Power signed a business contract for the project of Venezuela El Vigia Thermal Power Station with contract price at 956 million US dollars.

From September 8 to 11, “Win at Middle Level”, the 2nd session of Professional Manager Training Program was held, attended by 24 mid-level managers.

On September 9, the opening ceremony of dredging project of the Portugal River in Venezuela, undertaken by CAMCE, was held in the presence of Venezuelan Vice President Elias Jaua.

From September 13 to 19, CAMCE organized the 2nd collective study of the 3rd session of Project Manager Training attended by 18 trainees.

On September 20, the inaugural ceremony of CAMCE Wuhan University Design and Research Co., Ltd. (CAMCEWUDR) was held at Hongyi Hotel in Wuhan. Ren Hongbin, chairman of Sinomach; Gu Hailiang, president of Wuhan University; Luo Yan, chairman of CAMCE; Li Qingquan, executive vice president of Wuhan University; Jiang Changzhong, vice president of Wuhan University; and leaders from Hubei Provincial Department of Construction, Department of Water Conservancy, Bureau of Surveying and Mapping and Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone were present.

On September 26, CAMCE signed a business contract with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Sierra Leone on airport terminals in Sierra Leone with a contract value of 105 million US dollars.

On September 27, Chairman Luo Yan, as a member of the standing committee of the SINOMACH Youth Union, attended the 4th meeting of the first term of the SINOMACH Youth Union.

From October 8 to 9, SGS certificate authority made a recertification audit of CAMCE’s quality, environment, occupation health and safety management systems. CAMCE passed the audit smoothly.

On October 11, CAMCE and Belarus Svetlogorsk Paper Industry Co., Ltd signed a contract on construction of a bleached kraft pulp plant with contract price at 769.6047 million US dollars.

On October 14, Vice President Wang Bo accepted the certificate of completion for Granding Station Project in Yangiyul of Uzbekistan.
From October 19 to 20, SGS-CSTC conducted surveillance audits on the quality, environment and occupation health safety management system of CAMCE Laos Luang Prabang International Airport Project and the project passed the audit.

On October 20, Vice PresidentWestern China International Fair

On October 21, CAMCE signed Iran Tabriz Tabriz Water Supply 2nd Pipeline Project with contract price at RMB 1.962 billion.

On October 21, CAMCE and Angola Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishery signed the Longa Rice Planting Agro-Industrial Farm Project with contract price at 76.577 million US dollars.

On October 29, CAMCE and Sudan White Nile Sugar Co., Ltd. signed 150,000L/d Fuel Ethanol Plant affiliated to Sudan White Nile Sugar Mill Project and 20t/h Pellets Feed Project with contract prices at 18.72 million US dollars and 12 million US dollars respectively.
From November 2 to 24, CAMCE organized 9 campus recruitment promotions on the campus of Xi’an University of Foreign Studies, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Beijing International Studies University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Tsinghua University, North China Electric Power University, Beijing Institute of Technology and Sichuan International Studies University.

From November 5 to 6, the Party committee organized committee members, some Party members as well as representatives of new Party members, democratic parties, applicants for Party membership and young staff in Beijing for a staged wrap-up conference on "deepening the excellence campaign".

On November 20, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, on a visit to Angola, held a symposium with the representatives of Chinese enterprises in Angola in the capital Luanda. Chairman Luo Yan was present and spoke at the symposium.

On November 24, CAMCE and Kenya Ministry of Energy signed Kenya Nairobi Power Distribution System Modernization and Strengthening Project with contract price at 65.16 million US dollars.

On November 24, Kenya Power Distribution System Modernization and Strengthening Project phase I was completed.

On November 25, CAMCE’s add-issuance of 36 million shares to SINOMACH was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, adding CAMCE’s capital from 190 million to 226 million, which marked the capital restructure a success.

On December 2, CAMCE Myanmar Radial Tire Factory Project passed acceptance test.

On December 3, CAMCE and Venezuela Ministry of Agriculture and Land affiliated Venezuela Agriculture Company signed Farm and Sideline Products Processing Manufacturer Industrial Park Project, and signed Delta Orinoco Integrated Agricultural Development Project, Tiznado Integrated Agricultural Development Project, Piritu Becerra Integrated Agricultural Project and Guarico Irrigation System Rehabilitation and Construction Project (phase 3 sector 3) with Ministry of Agriculture and Land affiliated National Rural Development Institute, with total contract price at RMB 7.145 million.

On December 9, Chief Accountant of SINOMACH Luo Jiamang inspected CAMCE’s “excellence” event.

On December 15, CAMCE held 2011-2013 Strategy Discussion meeting.

On December 20, CAMCE 2rd project manager training program presentation meeting was held.

From December 20 to 22, phase 1 examination of CAMCE 3rd project manager training was held.

On December 22, “Win in the Middle Level"- the 2rd Professional Manager Training summary meeting was held.

On December 28, CAMCE Ethiopia 400kV substation smoothly joint power transmission.

On December 30, CAMCE 2010 sum-up & commendation conference was held with the participation of all staffs in Beijing and subsidiary representatives of CAMCE. At the conference, Chairman and President Luo Yan gave a work report entitled "Seizing Opportunities for Scientific Development, Working for New Success". During the conference, the release conference for the Code of Conduct of CAMCE Staff was held. In the evening, "CAMCE 2010 Gala" was held.

On December 31, CAMCE Ethiopia Power BM2 project received FAC certificate from project owner, marking the completion of the project. 
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