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On January 7, CAMCE 2013 Staff Meeting was held at the B1 conference center participated by all staffs in Beijing.

On January 8, CAMCE held 2013 Strategy Consultation Meeting.

From January 9 to 11, CAMCE held a training course for its senior executives and mid-level managers. More than 100 persons joined the course.

On January 15, China CAMC Engineering Hongkong Co., Ltd., CAMCE’s wholly-owned subsidiary, signed a Share Transfer Agreement with China Gold, indirectly acquiring mining right of Kyrgyzstan Kulu-Tegerek Copper and Gold Mine and 16% shares of Kichi-Chaarat Closed Joint-Stock Company, the owner of its exploration rights.

On January 15, Vice Minister of Finance Mr. Li Yong visited CAMCE’s 911 National Emergency Control Center Project in Ecuador.

On January 18, Chairman Luo Yan was awarded as one of the most respected leaders of listed companies in 2012.


On January 23, CAMCE was honored with SINOMACH 2012 Advanced Company award.


On January 29, Venezuelan Vice President visited CAMCE Tiznados Integrated Farm Project.


On January 31, CAMCE Investment (Lao) Co., Ltd made a donation visit themed be strengthened to win the future – your donation can make more faces smile - CAMCE will be with you to the Laos charity center for disabled children and orphans.


On February 12, CAMCE Baoare Cement Plant project in Chad was provisionally accepted.

On February 20, Venezuelan Minister of Agriculture and governor of Anzoategui state inspected Venezuela Farm and Sideline Products Processing Equipment Manufacturer Industrial Park project.


On February 26, CAMCE held the 23th meeting of the 4th Board of Directors. The meeting reviewed and approved the Proposal of CAMCE Organizational Structure Adjustment, Proposal of Modifying Articles of Association of CAMCE, Proposal of Displacement of Pre-invested Self-raised Fund by Capital Raised from Share Issuing on the Invested Project, and etc. 

On February 27, CAMCE signed with the Ecuador Projects Contracting Service the contract of Monte Sinai Hospital Construction Project in the province of Guayas with contract value of 75.3644 million US dollars. 

On February 28, CAMCE signed with the Ecuador Projects Contracting Service the contract of Zofragua Hospital Construction Project in the province of Guayas with contract value of 85.4444 million US dollars.

On February 28, CAMCE signed with the Ecuador Projects Contracting Service the contract of Portoviejo Hospital Project in the province of Manabi with contract value of 89.1832 million US dollars.


End of February, Chairman Luo Yan was selected as a deputy of the 12th National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China.


On March 2, Myanmar Vice President U Nyan Tun visited CAMCE in Myanmar Agricultural Technology Exhibition.


From March 7 to 8, Chinese Ambassador to Chad visited CAMCE Baoare Cement Plant undertaken by CAMCE.


From February 13 to 14, Mongolian Prime Minister led Mongolian government delegation to inspect CAMCE Zamyn-Uud Infrastructure Improvement Project.


On March 23, a ceremony for the clinker production line of Bekabad cement plant in Uzbekistan putting into operation was held.

On March 26, CAMCE Zhiguang Special Fund was initiated in Beijing Zhiguang Special Education and Training School to provide financial support to teachers in this school.


On April 2, CAMCE convened the 24th meeting of the 4th Board of Directors. The meeting discussed and approved the Proposal of Supplement to CAMCE Accounting Policy and Main Accounting Estimates, Proposal of Profit Distribution Plan of the Company in 2012, Annual Report of CAMCE for 2012 and its Outline, Proposal of Applying for Comprehensive Credit Line of CAMCE from Banks for 2013, Proposal of Daily Related Transaction of the Company in 2013, and etc.

From April 15 to 24, CAMCE 6th project manager training courses was held in Changping. 24 staff students took the training.

On April 16, CAMCE signed with Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited a contract of Kenya Power Transmission System Improvement Project Lot3A&3B with contract value of 27.87 million US dollars.


On April 18, Angola Minister of Agriculture, Governor of BIE Province and Mayor of Camacupa District inspected the CAMCE Camacupa Agri-industry Project.


On April 18, CAMCE Engineering Management Dept. was honored SINOMACH Advanced Unit.

On April 20, a 7.0 magnitude devastating earthquake hit Lushan County in Ya’an City of Sichuan Province. CAMCE made an immediate donation of water and food to the quake-hit area.

On April 25, CAMCE convened the 25th meeting of the 4th Board of Directors. The meeting discussed and approved the Proposal of Q1 Report of 2013, Proposal of Election of New Terms of Board of Directors, Proposal of Appointment of President, Proposal of Appointment of Vice Presidents and CFO, Proposal of Appointment of Secretary to Board of Directors, and etc. appointing Luo Yan as President, Zhao Lizhi, Wang Yuhang, Chen Yufang, Hu Wei and Shen Wei as Vice Presidents, Zhang Chunyan as Secretary to Board of Directors, and Wang Huifang as Chief Financial Officer. The above-mentioned senior management together with Chief Legal Adviser Zhang Dan and Assistant President Jin Yongxue constituted the company's new leadership team.



On May 3, CAMCE, SINOPEC Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. and Citigroup Global Market Asia Ltd signed a Cornerstone Investment Agreement.

On May 5, to celebrate the May Fourth Youth Day, CAMCE Youth League Committee overseas branch held a mountain-climbing outing in Venezuela with 15 young staffs from El Vigia project participated.

On May 10, newly appointed minister of power of Venezuela, the governor of Merida State, the large-scale project director of Venezuela National Power Company and the mayor of El Vigia inspected the El Vigia Power Plant.

In early May, the Youth League Committee of SINOMACH held a Photographs Competition, named “SINOMACH around me”. In this competition, a photo named “SINOMACH on the Blackboard”, taken by Wang Xiaojiao, a staff from No. 2 Engineering Dept. of CAMCE, won the first prize. Photos named “Dream Fly”, “Cooperation! Win-Win!” and “the Field Full of Hope” were honored with the third prize, which were taken respectively by Dang Yiwei from No. 3 Engineering Dept. of CAMCE, Gu Xiaoxue from No. 6 Dept. and Peng Wei from No. 3 Dept. Moreover, Youth League Committee of CAMCE won Outstanding Organization Award.

From May 13 to 24, SINOMACH Around, CAMCE colored – youth photographic exhibition was held in CAMCE coffee bar.

In early May, CAMCE No. 2 Engineering Dept. obtained SINOMACH Youth Civilization Unit. Lin Changjie, vice general manager and secretary of board of CAMCE Investment (lao), and Zhao Yunsheng, secretary of CAMCE Youth League Committee and assistant general manager of CAMC, were honored SINOMACH Youth Skilled Worker. CAMCE Venezuela El Vigia Power Station Project team was awarded SINOMACH Youth Safety Model.

On May 17, CAMCE Longa farm project rice harvest celebration for 2012-2013 season was held.

On May 21, CAMCE convened the 2012 General Meeting of Shareholders. The meeting elected the 5th Board of Directors and the 5th Supervisory Committee. The 5th Board of Directors consists of 9 directors, three of whom are independent directors. The meeting elected Luo Yan, Shao Qihui, Luo Jiamang, Cai Weici, Zhao Lizhi and Zhang Chunyan as directors and Sun Bohuai, Wang Huacheng and Wang De as independent directors. The 5th  Supervisory Committee consists of five supervisors, of which 3, Shi Hui, Wang Guoxing and Huang Cui, are shareholders’ representatives, and the other 2, Huang Jianzhou and Yan Kai, are employees’ representatives. In the subsequent First Meeting of the 5th Board of Directors, Luo Yan was elected as Chairman of the Board. The meeting discussed and approved the Proposal of Election of Members of the 5th Professional Committees of Directorate and Proposal of CAMCE Providing 30 million CAD of Guarantee for its Subsidiary Procon in Canada, and etc..

On May 24, the Minister of Agriculture and Land of Venezuela inspected the CAMCE farm and sideline products processing equipment manufacturer industrial park project.

On May 30, CAMCE Investment (LAO) Co., Ltd. held a reception for promotion of ASEM Villa in Vientiane of Laos.


On June 1, CAMCE held a handover ceremony of Luang Prabang International Airport Reconstruction Project on the second floor of the terminal in Luang Prabang airport.

On June 10, CAMCE and Ethiopia Sugar Industry Company signed contract of the Welkait Sugar Mill Project with contract amount of 647 million US dollars.

On June 17, Santo Domingo Center, one of the integrated security system ECU-911 project in Ecuador constructed by CAMCE, won ORNATO, the Best Architecture Prize.

On June 17, China Securities Index Co., Ltd released the report on Adjustment of Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 and Hongkong 100 sample stocks index. CAMCE was included in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 sample stocks index and accordingly into China Securities 200, China Securities 700, China Securities 800 and Shanghai and Shenzhen industrial 300 index.

On June 18, CAMCE signed with Mozambique Empresa Pubilca Hidraulica de Chokwe(HICEP) the Mozambique Chokwe irrigation mechanization and farm modernization project-south sector contract with contract value of 78.7636 million US dollars.

On June 19, Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich visited CAMCE 400,000 t/a Bleached Kraft Pulp Mill Project in Svetlogorsk of Belarus.

On June 26, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro visited CAMCE Tiznado integrated agricultural development project with Minister of Agriculture and Land Ivan Gil and Chairman of National Rural Development Institute Alí Pe?a.

On June 26, Laos Luang Prabang International Airport New Terminal undertaken by CAMCE opened to navigation.


Early July, CAMCE No.3 Engineering Dept. was awarded 2012 Youth Civilization Unit by Central Enterprise Youth League Working Committee.

On July 9, CAMCE Agno River integrated irrigation project was granted Certificate of Final Completion by National Irrigation Administration of the Philippines, which attracted many reports from local major media.

On July 9, “Win at Middle Level”, the 5th session of Professional Manager Training Program was held, attended by 19 mid-level managers.

On July 10, President of Bolivia Morales inspected CAMCE San Buenaventura sugar factory project.

From July 12 to 13, CAMCE 2013 Semi-annual Summary Meeting was successfully held. Senior executives, mid-level managers from all departments attended the meeting.

On July 13, CAMCE overseas general representative training was successfully held at Beijing Judge Education Institute, with the participation of 24 trainees.

On July 16, witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and visiting Belarussian President Lukashenko, Belarussian Deputy Prime Minister Tozik, Chairman of SINOMACH Ren Hongbin and Governor of Guangdong Province Zhu Xiaodan, on behalf of Ministry of Economy of Belarus, China-Belarus Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. and Peolple’s Government of Guangdong signed a Cooperation Agreement at Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The second cooperation agreement was the China-Belarus Industrial Park Harbin Park Establishment Cooperation Agreement, signed by Belarussian Deputy Prime Minister Tozik, Chairman of SINOMACH Ren Hongbin and Mayor of Harbin Song Xibin, on behalf of Ministry of Economy of Belarus, China-Belarus Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. and Peolple’s Government of Harbin.

On July 17, witnessed by Belarusian Vice President Tozik and CCPIT Vice Chairman Zhang Wei, the Cooperative Agreement on Constructing Changcheng Hi-Tech Industry Park in China-Belarus Industrial Park was signed in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, among Chairman Luo Yan, Chief Ermak A.V. and President Yin Liming. They represented respectively China-Belarus Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd., Administrative Committee of China-Belarus Industrial Park and China Great Wall Industry Corporation.

On July 17, the Cooperative Agreement on Constructing Zhongxing Hi-Tech Industry Park in China-Belarus Industrial Park was signed in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, among CAMCE Vice President Wang Yuhang, Chief Ermak A.V. and ZTE Vice President Zhang Renjun. They represented respectively China-Belarus Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd., Administrative Committee of China-Belarus Industrial Park and ZTE Corporation.

On July 18, Director and Secretary of Board of Directors Zhang Chunyan was awarded New Fortune Gold Medal Secretary of Board of Director in consecutive third time.

On July 22, the Piritu Becerra Integrated Agricultural Project undertaken by CAMCE received Certificate of Completion Acceptance and Provisional Takeover Certificate from the project owner INDER, marking the completion of the project.

On July 24, opening ceremony of Mynamar Yedenadingjia road bridge was held.


On July 26, CAMCE ranked 14th among the 2012 Golden Bull’s Top 100 Listed Companies and Ms. Zhang Chunyan, CAMCE Director and BOD Secretary, was honored the title of 2012 Golden Bull’s Best Secretary to Board of Directors.

On July 26, hand-over ceremony of ambulances supplied by CAMCE to the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health was held.

On July 26, CAMCE Secretary to Board of Directors Zhang Chunyan was bestowed China Secretary to Board of Directors Medal award.

From July 29 to August 2, CAMCE 2013 new staff training was held, having 40 new staffs participated.

On July 31, the first generator set of CAMCE Venezuela El Vigia Power Plant Project succeeded in grid connection.


On August 3, First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Semashko, Deputy Prime Minister Tozik and Chinese Ambassador to Belarus Gong Jianwei inspected CAMCE 400,000t/a Bleached Kraft Pulp Plant Project.

On August 5, CAMCE and Ethiopia Electric Power Company signed a contract on Ethiopia Power Modernization and Extension Contract A Project with contract price at 21.5275 million US dollars.

On August 13, a training themed Going Abroad of CAMCE made by SINOSURE was held in B1 Conference Center with 200 attendees.

On August 15, ceremony for the first generator set of Venezuela El Vigia Power Plant Project successful grid connection was held.

On August 19, People’s Daily published a report on CAMCE Venezuela El Vigia power plant project’s successful grid connection.

On August 20, CCTV News Chanel and Spanish Chanel reported CAMCE Venezuela El Vigia Power Plant Project’s successful grid connection titled Venezuelan government seek dual means to solve power shortage.

On August 21, CAMCE signed with the former shareholders of Beijing WOTEER Water Technology Co., Ltd., the Capital Agreement acquiring 50% of the company.

On August 27, CAMCE convened the 2nd meeting of the 5th Board of Directors. The meeting discussed and approved the Proposal of Mid-year Work Report of the President, Proposal of Mid-year Report on Placement and Use of Capital Raised, Proposal of Mid-year Report of CAMCE for 2013 and its Outline, Proposal of Adjusting the Daily Related Transactions of CAMCE for 2013, Proposal of Adjustment to CAMCE Organization Structure and Proposal of Establishment of CAMCE Bolivia Branch and etc..

On August 30, CAMCE and Uganda Electricity Transmission Limited signed the Business Contract of Uganda Industrial Parks Transmission and Substation Project with the contract price of 99.9759 million US dollars.


On September 20, CAMCE was awarded 2013 the Best Board of Directors of Chinese SME and GEM Companies.

On September 22, witnessed by Chairman Xi Jinping from China and President Nicolás Maduro Moros from Venezuela, the Minister Iwan Hehir, Chairman Luo Yan and Chairman Qian Baimo signed a Cooperation Agreement on Agricultural Projects in the People's Great Hall. They respectively represented the Minister of Agricultural Ministry in Venezuela, China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd and Heilongjiang Nongken Beidahuang Business Trade Liability Group Co., Ltd.
From September 22 to 28, CAMCE second training course of the 6th Project Manager Training was successfully held with 23 trainees participated.


On October 2, CAMCE and Bolivia Ministry of Public Engineering signed the Construction of Railway of Montero-Bulo Bulo Project with contract price at about 103.76 million US dollars.

On October 10, Ecuadorian President Correa inspected CAMCE Portoviejo Hospital Project.

On October 10, Ecuadorian President Correa presented the opening ceremony of CAMCE Ecuador 911 Emergency Center Project Portoviejo Station.

From October 14 to 18, CAMCE was awarded the Harmony SINOMACH Cup Excellent Organization in the 3rd pingpang and badminton balls contest organized by SINOMACH. 

From October 14 to 18 and November 18 to 19, CAMCE passed QHSE 2013 certification audit.

On October 15, donation of ambulances to Belarussian Svetlogorsk Center Hospital was made in the hospital.

On October 22, Ecuadorian President Correa inspected CAMCE Zofragua Hospital Project.

On October 23, CAMCE convened the 3rd meeting of the 5th Board of Directors. The meeting discussed and approved the Proposal of 2013 Q3 Report and Proposal of Investment in Beijing WOTEER Water Technology Co., Ltd. and etc..



From November 2 to 5, CAMCE and Procon participated in the 15th China Mining Conference.

Early November, CAMCE released the CAMCE Staff Regulation to regulate staffs’ behavior and then improve company image.

Middle November, CAMCE Engineering Management Department was awarded Central Enterprise Advanced Unit.

From November 13 to 17, CAMCE participated the 12th China Engineering Technology Exhibition.

On November 15, the first multi-functional workboat of CAMCE Venezuela Dredger Supply and Dredging Project phase 2 was launched.

On November 18, CAMCE won the Most Globally Competitive Chinese Listed Companies Award.

on November 19, Mongolian Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development inspected CAMCE Zamyn-Uud Infrastructure Improvement project.

From November 19 to 21, CAMCE attended the 18th Turkmenistan International Oil and Gas Exhibition.

On November 20, co-organized by Lao Prime Minister’s Office, Luang Prabang Province Government and Ministry of News, Culture and Tourism, the Inviting Ceremony of Phraba press was held at Don Chan Palace Hotel. Member of Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee and Deputy Prime Minister Somsavat Lengsavad, the governor of Luang Prabang Province and the Minister of News, Culture and Tourism attended the press. CAMCE Laos Office and CAMCE Investment (LAO) Co., Ltd. donated 50,000USD to the ceremony. Don Chan Palace Hotel provided complimentary services, food and beverage to the press.

On November 24, Vice Chairman of CCPCC Liu Xiaofeng inspected CAMCE Don Chan Palace Hotel.

On November 25, the second generator set of CAMCE Venezuela El Vigia Power Plant Project succeeded in grid connection.


From December 3 to 4, CAMCE attended the 5th China Overseas Investment Fair and was awarded the Best Exhibitor by the China Overseas Development Association and China Development Bank, the organizers. 

On December 9, the Angolan Industrial State Secretary and Vice Governor of Cuando Cubango Province led a delegation to inspect CAMCE Longa Rice Planting Agro-Industrial Farm Project.

On December 9, CAMCE won the first place in SINOMACH financial ability evaluation.

Middle December, the 7-month Capability Strengthening activity was successfully completed. Management teams and staffs of CAMCE have gotten improvement in comprehensive quality and business ability.

On December 19, the Venezuelan Dredger Project takeover ceremony was held.

On December 20, Chairman Luo Yan was awarded a Laos 3rd Labor Medal as the Chairman of CAMCE while CAMCE Investment (Lao) Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of CAMCE and Don Chan Palace Hotel were awarded Laos 2nd Development Medals respectively.

On December 24, CAMCE convened the structural performance statement meeting for its departments and subsidiaries for 2013. The senior executives and mid-level managers of CAMCE in Beijing attended the meeting.

On December 27, CAMCE 2013 Summary and Commendation Meeting was held in B1 reporting hall and the 19th floor video meeting room in SINOMACH Plaza. All employees in Beijing and subsidiaries representatives attended the meeting.

On December 30, organized by Securities Times, the Most Popular Platform for Investors and the 5th Best Website of Chinese Listed Companies result came out. CAMCE website won the Most Popular Website of Listed Companies by Investors.

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