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Belarusian Vice Premier Kalinin Inspecting Constructer Village of China-Belarus Industrial Park Constructed by CAMCE and Attending its Delivery Ceremony

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    Belarusian Vice Premier Kalinin inspected Constructer Village of China-Belarus Industrial Park constructed by CAMCE and attended its Delivery Ceremony on the morning of 9th, July 2018. Minister of Emergency Turchin; The First Deputy Minister of Construction Kruchanov; Vice Minister of Construction Dmitry Semenovich; Vice Minister of Transportation Avramenko; Lieutenant Governor of Minsk State Nevmerzhitsky; Head of Management Committee of China-Belarus Industrial Park Yaroshenko; and CEO Hu Zheng and General Manager Li Haixin of China-Belarus Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. attended the relevant activities.

    Vice Premier Kalinin inspected the newly-built constructer village in China-Belarus Industrial Park and attended its Delivery Ceremony soon afterwards. He said bilateral relations are getting closer and fruitful cooperation has been conducted in many areas including politics, economy and trade. China-Belarus Industrial Park has become a pearl of Silk Road Economic Belt carrying the ardent hopes of both heads of state and peoples. Government of Belarus attaches importance to all project development happening in the Park, and the constructer village is capable of providing quality living environment and recreational facilities for over 1500 constructers. In the future, more enterprises will carry out business activities in the Park, and everyone should pull together to contribute their own share to the Park's development. 


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