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Vice President Liu Jingzhen and Outside Directors of SINOMACH Inspecting China-Belarus Industrial Park

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    Accompanied by Director and Chief Economist Liu Zuqing, Secretary of the Board Sun Miao, Director of Engineering Contracting Division Zhang Yu of SINOMACH and Party Secretary Ding Jian of CAMCE, Vice President Liu Jingzhen, and Outside Directors including Zhang Lailiang, Wu Xiaogen, Gao Fulai and Sheng Shiying of SINOMACH inspected China-Belarus Industrial Park on 10th, July 2018.

    After being briefed on the overall situation of the Park's development from General Manager Li Haixin of China-Belarus Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd., the delegation inspected infrastructure construction in the starting area of the first phase in the Park. Vice President Liu Jingzhen spoke highly of the achievements accomplished by SINOMACH and CAMCE. China-Belarus Industrial Park is an important platform for recreating a brand new SINOMACH overseas. By building on the hard-earned achievements, we should give full play to SINOMACH's advantage, take long-term perspective and conduct in-depth cooperation with Belarus to construct China-Belarus Industrial Park with innovative thinking, said by Outside Directors of SINOMACH. 

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