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Bolivia Uyuni 350KTPA Potash Plant Constructed by CAMCE Awarded the Final Acceptance Certificate

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The signing of the Final Acceptance Certificate of Uyuni 350KTPA Potash Plant constructed by CAMCE was completed on 29th, October 2018. This concluded the 30-day long inspection conducted by the Final Acceptance Committee composed of Project Employee and its Consultant. This project was inaugurated by Bolivian President to commence production on 7th, October 2018.

This project is the third largest potash plant in South America, its completion marks that the people of Bolivia for the first time have a potash plant of their own in history, which is an important step forward to its industrialization. The potash fertilizer it produced will make agricultural products more resistant to pests and diseases, thus improving agricultural products quality. Furthermore, it will lay a solid foundation for other industrialization projects in the near future.



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