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A Construction Miracle Created among China-Belarus Cooperation with Impressive Chinese Speed, Opening Ceremony of Pilot Production of Weichai-Maz Project Constructed by CAMCE Successfully Held

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  The Opening Ceremony of Pilot Production of Weichai-Maz Project was grandly held in China-Belarus Industrial Park on 18th, November 2018. This marked the completion of Weichai-Maz Project constructed by CAMCE within a hundred days, becoming a construction miracle for it is the first project in the Park commencing construction and putting into operation in the same year with the impressive Chinese speed. Minister of Industry P. Utiupin of Belarus , Chinese Ambassador to Belarus Cui Qiming, Yaroshenko, Head of Management Committee of China-Belarus Industrial Park, and Li Haixin, General Manager of China-Belarus Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony.

  Weichai-Maz project is the first cooperative project between China and Belarus in the field of diesel engine, which will fill in the gap of Belarus in the production of diesel engine. The project, covering an area of 34,000m2, mainly produces WP3/WP5/WP7/WP12/WP17 engines meeting European emission standards with an annual production capacity of 20,000units. These engines are used in trucks, coaches, engineering machinery and agricultural equipments.

  The project officially started on 5th, April this year. Party members of CAMCE gave full play to the pioneering and exemplary role and formed youth shock brigade working day and night to overcome many difficulties of heavy work, short construction time, short supply of local construction materials with planning ahead, careful organization, scientific management and solid work, which made it possible for the project to have its trial run within 8 months. This demonstrates CAMCE has an outstanding and courageous team to face tough challenges in Belarus, and CAMCE's capability in engineering supervision and construction are highly commended by project employer and relevant parties.




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