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Delta Orinoco Integrated Agricultural Development Project in Venezuela Awarded Final Acceptance Certificate

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  Delta Orinoco Integrated Agricultural Development Project in Venezuela, constructed by CAMCE, received Final Acceptance Certificate issued by its Employer INDER on 22nd, January 2019, which marked the full completion of the project.

  The project, the biggest one in the history of Delta Amacuro, locates at the most remote eastern area of Delta Orinoco of Venezuela. Production and living facilities in the area are poor with rainy season lasting more than nine months per year. Furthermore, there is a serious shortage of building materials, personnel and living materials. In the face of these serious difficulties, the project team overcame all difficulties and found a way to carry on the construction and installation work to complete and transfer the project on time.

  Just as jade needs to be polished, one needs to go through trials and tribulations to be strong.The project completed a total of 90.5 km long of dredging canals, built and repaired 36 km of roads, built silos of capacity of 20,000 tons, a rice processing plant of 70 tonnes daily, a 10MW standalone power plant, a 27 km of electric transmission line, a farm of 80,000 chickens, an animal and plant laboratory, a pumping station and provided a total of 160 sets of agricultural machines .About 200 jobs were created during construction, which actually boosted the development of local civil engineering. After the completion of the project, it created nearly 100 direct jobs and added about 2,000 hectares of cultivated land, which greatly alleviated the problem of food shortage in surrounding areas, improved traffic conditions in surrounding villages and played a positive role in promoting local agricultural and economic development.

  The officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Delta Amakuro of Venezuela have carried out on-site inspections of the project on many occasions and spoke highly of the project quality and its contribution. Thanks to many interviews and reports covered by local media, a good image of Chinese corporate has been established.

Rice Processing Park of Delta Project


Harvest of Rice


 Pump Station

 Chicken Farm

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