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Comprehensive Plan of Beijing Daxing International Airport Bonded Zone Developed by IPPR Became the First Project Approved In Beijing

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    Recently, the comprehensive plan for part of the implementation units (first phase) of the Beijing Daxing International Airport Bonded Zone (Phase I) (hereinafter referred to as the implementation plan) , developed by China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as IPPR) , a subsidiary of CAMCE, commissioned by the Beijing New Aerotropolis Holdings Co., Ltd., was successfully approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources and became the first approved project of comprehensive plan in Beijing.

    As a key task of the Beijing Municipal Government on file [2020] No. 1, in accordance with the rigid requirements of masterplan, zoning plan, regulatory plan and specialized plan, by analyzing the current situation and coordinating multiple resources and interests, the project put forward the recent construction objective for Beijing section of Beijing Daxing International Airport Bonded Zone (Phase I)" , and makes full and specific arrangements in the aspects of planning plan, cost calculations and implementation plan.

    The project provides important basis as indicator management and control, implement approach, traffic support, funding sources and construction schedule etc. for project approval, land acquisition and construction of unit project.

    The project takes full advantage of the multidisciplinary collaboration of IPPR. The strong integration of various production units will set a new record for the modern logistics industry.


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