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IPPR Won Bid to Design the Phase III of the Lanzhou Airport Extension Project

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    Recently, the China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. (IPPR) of CAMCE won bid to design the phase III of the Lanzhou airport extension project.


    As the golden node of the Air Silk Road, the Gansu Air Traffic Control Branch of Civil Aviation is an important project of civil aviation under the Belt and Road initiative. After its completion, the project will play an important role in the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative, opening wider to the outside world, and the economic development and national solidarity . 

    From developing the proposal, the project has used the BIM platform to carry out positive collaborative design, which created a multidisciplinary information integration model of architecture, structure, landscape, curtain wall, electromechanics, etc. It aims to make the project an international forward-looking super-class air traffic control center and to build a new image of future air traffic control that will be efficient, economical, green and intelligent.  


    The overall planning of the project is inspired by the Silk Road, starting from the air traffic control center and forming the set of structures from the bottom of the control tower, which shows a soaring style and contains blessings for the future development of the Gansu Air Traffic Control Branch of Civil Aviation.

    As an important presentation of the architectural image, the structural system integrates the masterplan of the landscape, the facade of the building and architectural skin, thus achieving a high integration of architecture, technology , art and function. 


    The winning of the tender is another general design project in the field of air traffic control design of the IPPR after the three civil aviation centers (Civil Aviation Operation and Management Center, Meteorological Center and Civil Aviation Information Management Center),which is a significant breakthrough in the area, laying a more solid foundation for the company to develop the air traffic control project design.


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