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IPPR won the bid for the design of the second phase of Yancheng No.1 People's Hospital of Jiangsu Province

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    Recently, the China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "IPPR"), a subsidinary of CAMCE, won the bid for the design of the second phase and the medical complex of Yancheng No.1 People's Hospital of Jiangsu Province, which includes scheme design, preliminary design and expanded preliminary design. The winning of the bid demonstrates the strength and advantages of IPPR in the northern region of Jiangsu and reflects its leading position in the field of medical architectural design. 

    The second phase will include 1500 beds, which will be designed in a unified manner with the medical complex project, with a total construction area of 510,000 m2. After the completion, it will become a large-scale modern 3A comprehensive hospital, which integrates health care, teaching and research. 

    IPPR adheres to the principle of persisting in the prevention of the epidemic while continuing to carry out production to organize the collaboration among various departments, and IPPR adopts the design concept of people-oriented, patient-centered and health-targeted to create a peaceful, relaxed, green and natural medical environment, as well as a modern hospital that meets the needs of different patients in physical therapy, mental therapy and rehabilitation. 


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