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Continuing to seize the highland of new infrastructure – IPPR successively won the bid to design the data centers of the State Grid Corporation of China

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    Since the beginning of 2020, China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. (IPPR), a subsidinary of CAMCE, successively won the bid to design Beijing Data Center (Phase II), Xi'an Data Center and Hebei Data Center , as well as the feasibility study of Hubei Data Center of the State Grid Corporation of China (State Grid). 

    Beijing Data Center (Phase II) 

    After completion, it will be used for the operation and maintenance of the headquater, the first level deployment of information and communication systems, as well as the backup for disater of information data systems of 12 Provincial Companies of State Grid. A high performance cloud computing center of the Ministry of Science and Technology will be set up inside with view to reach the domestic first class and international leading position. 



    Xi'an Data Center

    Located in the high-tech area of Xi'an, it is responsible for backup of recovery such as the State Grid Cloud, the first level Electronic Bill Deployment System, the Electronic Shopping Mall, the Business Travel Cloud, the Cloud Electric Service Platform, the Office Cloud Instant Messaging Platform, the Integrated Platform and the information systems of 5 provincial companies in the Northwest region, which occupies a core position of State Grid and information and communication work. 


    Hebei Data Center   

    Located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, it will support the business development of enterprises in the field of electric Internet of Things after operation in the future, provide a good running environment of computer room for the business cloud, green intelligent grid in Xiong'an new area and the construction of a digital national grid, in order to ensure rapid development of information construction of relevant business. 


     Hubei Data Center 

    Located on the shore of Jinyin Lake in Wuhan, it will meet the development needs of information construction projects and marketing information systems for related companies in Hubei, and is also an important node for the information of State Grid in central China. 


    Under the leadership of the accelerated construction of new infrastructure such as data centers, IPPR seized the opportunity of new digital infrastructure, overcame the impact of COVID-19, managed to defeat many opponents with professional technique, rich experience and high quality service standards, and has expanded its market share and advanced advantages in new infrastructure like data centers. 

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