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IPPR was awarded tender for Design of Innovation Service Center in Beijing Free Trade Zone

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Recently, the China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. (IPPR) , a subsidinary of CAMCE was awarded tender for Design of Innovation Service Center in Beijing Free Trade Zone.

The establishment of the Beijing Free Trade Zone is a significant decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. The Innovation Service Center of Beijing Free Trade Zone is located in Ligezhuang, Lixian Town, Daxing District, Beijing, near Daxing Airport, with a total construction area of approximately 73,000 m2. The project includes four sections for financial innovation, industrial incubation, reception and exhibitions and support facilities.

In order to meet the vigorous development needs of the airport industry, the Beijing Free Trade Area urgently needs to build facilities like business offices and industrial services with a certain quality and scale. As the first demonstration pilot project in the Beijing Free Trade Area, the design concept characterized by technological innovation and environmental protection of the IPPR team stood out among the design plans and have been recognized by all parties.

The IPPR design team adopts a modular assembly plan, which can be divided and combined according to the scale of settled companies, so that the building has maximum flexibility. The design of the facade uses innovative materials to reduce the load on the building and provide more sufficient and uniform lighting conditions inside, while considerably improving the economy of the project. In order to attract domestic and overseas top financial services and medical industries, the project will apply for the double certification of system LEED Silver and WELL Gold to offer the owners a comfortable and ecological office environment.

Taking into account energy savings, reduction of emissions and investment costs, the project sets up a multi-functional energy station in accordance with the climatic characteristics and site conditions, which integrates systems of geothermal heat pumps, power distribution equipment, photovoltaics, energy control platforms, etc. to achieve intensive control and efficient integration of various energy sources such as solar energy, cooling and heating electricity. After completion, it will become the first market-oriented project in the airport area of Daxing Airport and will benefit from many special policies of the Beijing Free Trade Area.



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