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Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines inspected epidemic prevention work of CAMCE irrigation project during the work resumption via video connection

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    On June 23, 2020, Huang Xilian, Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines, made a video connection to CAMCE Chico River Pump Station Irrigation  project site in the Philippines, was briefed by the project team on prevention and control of the epidemic and resumption of work and production, inspected the relevant measures and put forward concrete requirements.

    The Chico River Pump Station Irrigation project in the Philippines started on September 7, 2018. With the strong support of the owner, the Philippines Irrigation Bureau and related parties, the project has been going well. Affected by Covid-19, the project had been suspended for three months from February 2020. Since the beginning of May, the project team has steadily promoted the resumption of work and production in accordance with the requirements of the owner and the local government, taking advantage of the Chinese experience. First, the project team adopts closed site management, strictly verifies the health of returned employees, and assigns special staff members to be responsible for supplies purchasing. Second, prepare enough prevention materials to returned stuff and make daily disinfection. Third, cooperate with local communities to establish employee health records and realize real-time detecting and monitoring. Since the resumption of work, nearly 400 Filipino employees have returned to work. At present, the return rate of Chinese and Filipino employees has reached 80%, and site work has resumed 90%, and no one has been infected.

    Ambassador Huang fully appreciated the progress made on the project, and said that it is a key project in the link between the Belt and Road initiative and the Philippine Great Construction plan, and it is also a typical project for public well-being. He required that the project should put people on top of the priority list, coordinate the prevention and control of epidemic and the resumption of work, with the aim of making contribution to the stability of economy, employment and livelihoods of the Philippines.

    Ambassador Huang also said that fine management and scientific epidemic control is required, and that the prevention and control measures must be constantly improved according to the epidemic situation to ensure the safety of stuff. Employees from China and the Philippines must be treated equally with the same standards and measures in the prevention and control work, and the company should actively assume the social responsibilities. The project team should optimize the construction plan and overcome the difficulties to accelerate the completion of the project, and benefit the local populations as soon as possible.

    Jiang Jianjun, the Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, participated in the activity.







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