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Detachable Ropeway of Jinhua Bridge in Mount Wawu of Sichuan and other projects were completed successfully by BMHRI

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Detachable Ropeway Project in Mount Wawu of Sichuan 

On July 1, 2020, the Detachable Ropeway of Jinhua Bridge in Mount Wawu of Sichuan 

 (also known as ropeway 1 of Mount Wawu), built by Mount Wawu Investment Co., Ltd., designed and manufactured by Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute Co., Ltd. (BMHRI), a subsidiary of CAMCE, and installed by Tai'an Ropeway Installation Company, passed the acceptance test. This is the first ropeway project of BMHRI in 2020. It is also the first result of the 100 Days of Hard Slog achieved by the Ropeway Engineering Department of BMHRI. BMHRI has so far built 63 detachable ropeways. 

The detachable ropeway of Jinhua Bridge in Mount Wawu of Sichuan is 3,478 meters long and 770 meters tall. There are 22 supports installed along the way and the expected operating speed is 5 meters per second. It is equipped with 80 refined imported cabins with one-way transport capacity of 1,500 people per hour. It is worth mentioning that the maximum span of the Jinhua Bridge can reach up to 675 meters, which is the longest circulating ropeway built by BMHRI. 

The Ropeway Engineering Department of BMHRI, Wawu Investment Co., Ltd. and Tai'an Ropeway Installation Company cooperated with the National Ropeway Inspection Center to continue working by ensuring prevention and control of epidemic and resumption of work. 


Dali Luge Ropeway of Yunnan 

On June 26, 2020, the Dali Luge ropeway of Yunnan passed the acceptance test of the National Ropeway Inspection Center. The mono-cable detachable grip ropeway is invested by Dali Mishan Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. and is built by BMHRI. The ropeway has an inclined length of 282 meters and a height difference of 72 meters. The designed one-way transport capacity is 800 people per hour. The Luge Ropeway is located in Manjiang Mountain Park and serves as a support facility for Luge sport. BMHRI has built two ropeways with the same parameters here, one for passenger transport and one for freight. As a new sport in China, Luge sport has special requirements for the ropeway and BMHRI has carried out a number of targeted optimizations. 

The Luge sport generally refers to mountain sledding, which is also known as dryland sledding. It is developed by the Winter Olympics. In the gently sloping area, a jungle track is organized according to the mountainous terrain. The runway is used cooperatively with the ropeway. Visitors can take the cable car uphill to the start of the trail, then descend the mountain by taking the sledge, which is a new type of outdoor recreational sport known as "flying" in the forest". 



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