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Building a dream at the top of supercomputing- China IPPR of CAMCE won the bid for the whole process consultation of National Supercomputing Center and EPC project

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Recently, China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China IPPR) of CAMCE has successively won the National Supercomputer Center Tianhe Ⅲ whole process consultation project and Hefei Advanced Computing Center EPC project, which has further consolidated the company’s position in the field of supercomputing data centers and formed a full industrial chain model of whole process consultation, design contracting and EPC general contracting in the data center field. 

 Aerial view of Tianhe Ⅲ project Supercomputer is known as a national pillar. The progress and breakthroughs in supercomputing technology have strategic significance for enhancing the overall national strength. In recent years, China IPPR has closely followed the development trend of the industry and actively broadened its business fields. Under the wave of New Infrastructure, it has taken the lead in breaking the wind and waves. As the earliest company in China to design large-scale supercomputing data centers, it has successfully participated in the construction of National Supercomputing Shenzhen Center Project, high-performance strategic computing capacity building project, Asian Climate Change Monitoring and Prediction Center project, and China Hangxin High-tech Industrial Park Data Center project.  

Tianhe Project  

The whole process consultation work of Tianhe Ⅲ project has created a precedent for the company in the field of whole process consultation of large-scale data center. In this project, China IPPR has undertaken the project management, design process consultation and cost management of the whole process. 

 Human renderings of Tianhe Ⅲ project  

Tianhe Ⅲ project is a major scientific project which is under President Xi Jinping’s important instructions. A new generation of tens of billions of supercomputers independently developed by China will play a supportive role and provide a platform in a series of super large scale calculation and simulation such as long-term high-resolution climate meteorological forecast, large-scale aerospace numerical wind tunnel, seismic geological research, oil and gas exploration, brain science and genetic engineering, government data related to national economy and people's livelihood, information security, medical and health, gene health and other fields of big data analysis and processing.   

After successful development, Tianhe III is expected to engrave Chinese innovation on the top of the world's supercomputing speed again. After the completion of this project, it will surely become a new generation of national pillar that stuns the world. 

Hefei Advanced Computing Center EPC project 

Hefei Advanced Computing Center EPC project is located in the High-tech Zone of Hefei City, Anhui Province. China IPPR is responsible for all the construction work which includes project design, procurement, and general contracting for construction. 

Aerial view of Hefei Advanced Computing Center 

The project takes the new generation of supercomputer-Silicon Cube as the leader to realize the integrated construction and application of traditional supercomputing system and intelligent supercomputing system. It will develop into a major scientific and technological infrastructure and public service platform that integrates computing services, cross-research and industrial innovation based on Hefei City, facing Anhui Province and radiating surrounding areas, which will directly serves the big science, large-scale system and large engineering applications of the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center, and provides strong and direct support for scientific and technological innovation and strategic industries upgrading and urban social development for key areas in Anhui Province. 

Human rendering of Hefei Advanced Computing Center 

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