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China IPPR Won the Bid for the Design of Qinhuangdao No. 3 Hospital Removel Project

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  Recently, China IPPR won the bid for the design of removel project of No.3 Hospital in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. The project has complex terrain conditions and strict requirements in the presentation of regional culture, for which the winning of the bid has demonstrated the advanced level of comprehensive design of the company in the medical sector. 

  The project is located in Haigang District of Qinhuangdao city, occupying an area of 820,000 m2. The construction mainly consists of a 400-bed general hospital, a 400-bed infectious diseases hospital, ancillary complex buildings, garbage station and wastewater treatment station. 

  The general hospital and the infectious diseases hospital will be distributed respectively to the south and north of the street, which will be seperated by a wide green belt and connected by a corridor. Meanwhile, resource sharing of certain technical departments will be realized through the logistics system to achieve high efficiency in the medical treatment process. 

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