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The Health Minister of Ecuador inspected the hospital project undertaken by CAMCE

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  On the morning of August 19 local time, Ecuador’s Health Minister Juan Carlos Zevalos, Governor of Manabi Province, Tito Nilton Mendoza, and Chairman of the Organization of the Citizens Front of Manabi Province, Patri Chab Lyons inspected the site of the Chinese government-aided Ecuador's Chone Hospital, which was constructed by CAMCE. During the inspection, the Health Minister of Ecuador expressed his gratitude for the selfless assistance of the Chinese government and expressed appreciation for the construction quality of the project. In the interview with the media, the Minister said that although the global COVID-19 epidemic has had a certain impact on the project, he is satisfied with the progress of the resumption of work for the last two months.On behalf of the people of Chone, he sent regards to the people who participated in the construction of the project during the epidemic. 

  By doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the project team is advancing the implementation work in an orderly manner. 

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