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The Cross-platform Project of Quantum Materials of Lighter Elements in the Huairou Science City of Designed by China IPPR of CAMCE Has Started Successfully

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    Recently, the construction site opening ceremony was celebrated for The Cross-platform Project of Quantum Materials of Lighter Elements in the Huairou Science City. Wang Ruonan, Deputy General Manager of China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. of CAMCE, was invited to attend the ceremony as a representative of the project design agency. The Vice President of Beijing University, officials of the Beijing Development and Reform Commission, officials of the Management Committee of the Huairou District Science City, Wang Enge,the Chairman of Quantum Materials of Lighter Elements Cross-platform and other leaders witnessed this historic moment. 

  As a key project in Beijing, the Quantum Materials of Lighter Elements Project is part of the second batch of cross-research platform projects of the Beijing Huairou National Science Center. The project is being built jointly by Beijing University and the Huairou Science City Company. 

  In front of important scientific frontier projects, China IPPR sent a first-class technical team to comprehensively analyze various factors such as urban space, natural environment and experimental needs to make excellent design solutions, which helped the start of the project. This is a solid milestone for China IPPR in providing service to the National Integrated Science Center. 

  In the subsequent period, China IPPR will continue to make use of its own technological advantages to support the construction of scientific and technological innovation centers with global influence in Beijing and make further contributions to the development of the country and Beijing in science fields.  

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