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BMHRI CAMCE Built China's Longest Ski Ropeway

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  On October 18, the No. 1 Ropeway of Keketuohai International Ski Resort in the Altai Mountains ,Fuyun, Xinjiang officially passed the reception. 

  Keketuohai International Ski Resort in Altai Mountains is located in National AAAAA Tourist atraction - Keketuohai scenic spot, at latitude 47.18 N, in the inversion area, where the snow period can last up to at 8 months. It is the ski resort with the biggest difference in altitude certified by Guinness. 

  The ropeway has an oblique length of 3,510 meters, an altitude of 3,038 meters from the start and a vertical height difference of 866 meters. There are 21 supports across the line with the maximum operating speed of 6 meters per second and the one-way transport capacity reaches 2,400 people per hour. The ropeway is divided into section A and section B, which can be operated in link or section, filling the gaps of large and small circular domestic-made ropeways. 

  So far, BMHRI has built 73 detachable ropeways, of which 20 are used for skiing. The completion of the project set many records - the highest ski ropeway in Asia, the ski ropeway with the highest vertical drop in China, and the longest ropeway in China. At present, the top three longest ropeways in China were all built by BMHRI. 

  BMHRI's Keketuohai project team overcame various impacts such as extreme weather conditions and COVID-19 epidemic, and finally got the project finished after more than 230 days and nights of hard work. 

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