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CAMCE Jiangnan Environmental Engineering won the bid for the water treatment project of Jiangsu Jintian Paper Co., Ltd.

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  Recently, CAMCE Changzhou Jiangnan Environment won the bid for the boiler make-up water contract for the chemical water workshop of Jiangsu Jintian Paper Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 2.5 million tons of recycled packaging paper project. 

  Jiangsu Jintian Paper Co., Ltd. is the world's largest and world-class gray board manufacturer. The project is based on the concept of environmental protection, green and energy saving, and has high requirements for system technology and water quality. The final water output is 15,936 tons/day. It is expected to complete water production by the end of March 2021,which has been officially launched. 

  The signing of the project contract is another achievement that Jiangnan Environment has made in the field of zero waste water discharge in the paper industry. It has played an active role in consolidating the company’s dominant position in the field of zero waste water discharge and has also played a positive role in the further implementation of CAMCE’s environmental protection strategy and laid the foundation for the all-round creation of the environmental protection business card of CAMCE. 


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