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China IPPR won the tender for the design of Lanyuan Primary School complex in Lanzhou

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  Recently, China IPPR won the tender for the design of the construction project of Lanyuan Primary School in Chengguan District of Lanzhou. 

  The total construction area of Lanyuan Primary School is 38,495.08 square meters, of which the ground construction area is 27,337.74 square meters and the underground area is 11,157.34 square meters. A total of 48 classes will be set in the school which can contain up to 2280 students and the green zone reaches 35%. 

  The main construction content includes teaching building, laboratory building, office building, library, multifunctional conference hall, underground buildings such as underground garage, storage room and gymnasium, as well as ancillary infrastructures such as external roads, square, fence, landscape and external pipe network. 

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