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JNEE of CAMCE won the tender for the green energy water treatment project

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  Recently, Changzhou Jiangnan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CAMCE, won the tender for the phase II chemical water treatment and backwater system of the district heating network of 9F gas turbine cogeneration project  of Zhongtang Town of Dongguan City (hereinafter referred to as " Zhongtang phase II project ”).

  Zhongtang Phase II project is the first domestic cogeneration project equipped with back pressure units. The heat / power ratio exceeds 70% and thermal efficiency exceeds 80%. It is a key green energy project promoted by the country. The system adopts an advanced method combining double membrane technology and resin exchange technology, and ultimately produces 12.960 t / d of qualified demineralized water and 16.920 t / d of backwater for heating.

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