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CAMCE signed commercial contract for the construction of Pedernales Hospital in Ecuador

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  On the morning of November 27th, local time, in Pedernales City, Manabi  Province, Ecuador, the representatives of CAMCE and the Ministry of Transport and Public Works signed a business contract for the construction of the Pedernales Hospital at the project site, which is to build a 30-bed general hospital. The project is the sixth hospital construction project undertaken by CAMCE in Ecuador. 

  The project is located in Pedernales, the epicenter of the earthquake on April 16, 2016, when the original medical center was severely damaged. The construction of the new hospital will provide local residents with necessary medical and health services. 

  The governor of Manabi Province, the mayor of Pedernales, representatives of the Ministry of Health, and staff members of CAMCE Ecuador Branch participated in the activity. 

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