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Senior Executives of CAMCE and IPPR Holding Exchange Meeting

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  Exchange Meeting of Senior Executives between China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter short for CAMCE) and China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter short for IPPR) was held in the multi-functional hall of CAMCE on its 10 th floor on the afternoon of 8 th , October 2018. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Luo Yan of CAMCE with Party Secretary Ding Jian of CAMCE, President Liu Xiaohu of IPPR and other Senior Executives from both sides attending the meeting.


  Both sides introduced each other s management team and their responsibilities. On behalf of CAMCE, Chairman Luo Yan expressed her warm welcome to the delegation from IPPR, and made detailed introduction on CAMCE s overall development and the corporate reorganization between CAMCE and IPPR. Furthermore, Chairman Luo Yan expressed her positive aspiration on the strategic synergy and cooperation of both sides. President Liu Xiaohu of IPPR introduced IPPR s business development and its key projects, explained its business performance and priorities in the year of 2018 and highlighted the importance to align its strategy with that of CAMCE. We should seize the opportunity of reorganization and SOE reform to go forward hand in hand and achieve better development, said by Ding Jian, Party Secretary of CAMCE.






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