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Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Lei Guanghua of SINOMACH Inspecting CAMCE

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Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Lei Guanghua of SINOMACH inspected CAMCE on the morning of 26th, October 2018. Party Secretary and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Ding Jian and Member of Party Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union Huang Kaili of CAMCE attended the meeting.

Party Secretary Ding Jian gave detailed reports on the overall situation of Party Committee, the work of Party Building and construction of the Party conduct in an honest and clean way of CAMCE, and made work report on the priorities of CAMCE's Discipline Inspection Commission and support needed from SINOMACH.

Secretary Lei Guanghua gave full affirmation to CAMCE's business development, political influence and social image. He said CAMCE got off to a good start in its overseas Party Building and should develop, foster, and promote the typical cases of its overseas Party Building. Furthermore, he made some requirements on CAMCE's implementation of SINOMACH Party Committee's work arrangement, special appraisal on performance of Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection and to enhance discipline inspection and supervision centering around business transformation and upgrading. Secretary Lei Guanghua concluded the meeting by mapping out a detailed work plan and guidance for the next step of CAMCE's Discipline Inspection Commission.




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