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Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan Attended Working Conference for Forest Industry hosted by China-Finland Innovative Business Cooperation Committee

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In the afternoon of November 7, 2018, during the first China International Import Expo, held in Shanghai, the working conference for the Forest Industry of the China-Finland Innovative Business Cooperation Committee was held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. The Chairman and CEO of UPM Mr. Jussi Pesonen and Chairman of CAMCE Mrs. Luo Yan were present at the meeting and made opening speeches and summaries of the meeting, respectively on behalf of Finland and China. The Vice President of CAMCE Mr. Wang Yuhang hosted the conference.   

CAMCE is the leading company on the forest industry working group, that it jointly organized the conference with the Export-Import Chamber of Commerce of China's Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Products of China, and the Finnish National Business Promotion Bureau. More than 40 well-known enterprises and organizations from the forest industry and bio-economic industrial chain of the two countries have participated in the meeting. 

Finland has rich forestry resources, its pulp and paper industry, industry equipment manufacturing capacity, project design level, and the degree of bio-economic development are all among the world’s level. The Finnish units participating in the conference are: Finnish Consulate General in Shanghai; Association of the Finnish Forest Industry of the Industry Association; The world's pulp and paper industry, UPM, Stora Enso, Finn Group; World-leading maker of pulp and paper equipment, Valmet, Andritz; The engineering design unit, Poyry Group, Sweco; Well-known enterprises of the world chemical industry, Kemira Group; Bioeconomic Advocates, Finland Northern Biochemical Co., Ltd. 

    Corporate participants from China’s side are: the national-level paper industrial division of China’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry; the authoritative media in the field of pulp and paper – China Pulp and Paper Magazine Publisher; and leaders in the Pulp and Paper Fiber Industry: China Hi Tech Group Corporation, Shanying Investment, Huatai Group, Asia Symbol, China Paper Industry Investment Co., Ltd.; the design and engineering company China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd; well-known suppliers of pulp and paper equipment, Huacheng Technology and Bossco; and the global logistics transportation enterprise China COSCO Shipping Group.

China-Finland Innovative Business Cooperation Committee is an important achievement of President Xi’s visit to Finland in 2017. In April 2017, during a state visit to Finland by President Xi, the leaders of the two countries further strengthened the cooperation between the two countries in the field of innovation-driven development and signed a joint statement, which marked the establishment of the committee.







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