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CAMCE Signed the Contract for Azerbaijan Steel Production Complex Construction Project

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    On December 5, 2018, China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd.  and Azerbaijani Integrated Steelmaking Company signed the contract for the construction project of Azerbaijan Steel Production Complex in Beijing. Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan and Ambassador of Azerbaijani to China Akram Zeynalli witnessed the signing of the contract. Deputy General Manager of Azerbaijani Integrated Steelmaking Company Mardan Aliyev and Vice General Manager of CAMCE Wang Yuhang signed the contract on behalf of both sides.

    The contract value of Azerbaijan Steel Production Complex Construction Project is US$1.17 billion. The project is located in Ganja, Azerbaijani. The content of the project is to build a new comprehensive steelmaking plant with an annual production capacity of 1.25 million tons of direct reduced iron and 700,000 tons of sheet plate products. The contract duration is 42 months.  

    The performance of the contract is conducive to the development of industrial engineering for CAMCE, and will expand the market share in the countries along the  Belt and Road.

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