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Targeted Assistance Down to Earth-CAMCE Donating 30 Rotary Cultivators to Chaotian District, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province

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    Donation Ceremony of Farm Machinery in Poverty Relief organized by SINOMACH was held in Chaotian District, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province on 19th, December 2018. On behalf of SINOMACH and CAMCE, Wang Bin, on secondment from SINOMACH, attended the donation ceremony and delivered these 30 rotary cultivators purchased by CAMCE to the most-needed farmers. Over 60 people including heads of local Agricultural Bureau, Zengjia Town, Linxi Village, Yudong Village and other villages as well as operators coming from low income families witnessed this donation in the field.

    CAMCE understands in depth the straitened circumstances of the local farmers and focuses on their real needs in its poverty relief efforts to benefit people's livelihood. The move by CAMCE will effectively improve local farming efficiency and enhance farmers' capacity for self-sufficiency to improve their living quality to some extent.





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