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CAMCE 2018 Summing-Up and Commendation Meeting Successfully Held

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    CAMCE Summing-up and Commendation Meeting, chaired by CAMCE's Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President Ding Jian, was held on 29th, December 2018. President Luo Yan, senior executives, all its employees and some representatives of its subsidiaries attended the meeting.
    In the morning, Party Secretary Ding Jian made the working report on CAMCE's Party Committee for the year of 2018, and Chairman Luo Yan delivered working report titled Writing a New Chapter for CAMCE via Firm Belief and Collaborative Endeavor. During the report, she elaborated the main achievements accomplished in the year of 2018, summed up 10 highlights in the Year of Forging Ahead. And then, she mapped out the work plan in details for the year of 2019.
    In the afternoon, all participants discussed Chairman Luo Yan's working report. Everyone spoke glowingly of their own work plan by aligning with her working report, and put forward suggestions for CAMCE's future development. After the discussion, moderator of each team summed up the discussion and shared its main idea with all participants.
In the commendation meeting followed thereafter, senior executives of CAMCE awarded the advanced collectives and individuals, and announced the prize winners of online brisk walking of CAMCE for the year of 2018.
    The meeting concluded in the chorus of CAMCE Forging Ahead, CAMCE's Anthem of Company, by all the staff. Usher in the year of 2019, all staff of CAMCE will march forward during the transformation and write a new chapter for CAMCE.



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