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President and Deputy Secretary of Communist Party of SINOMACH Zhang Xiaolun Inspecting CAMCE

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A delegation headed by Zhang Xiaolun, President and Deputy Secretary of Communist Party of SINOMACH inspected CAMCE for its operations and management. Member of Standing Committee of Communist Party and Vice President of SINOMACH Gao Jianshe, Member of Standing Committee of Communist Party, Vice President and Director of Project Contracting Business Division of SINOMACH Bai Shaotong accompany the inspection. Meanwhile, Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of CAMCE Ding Jian and some senior executives attended the inspection on the afternoon of 3rd, January 2019.  

Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan made a detailed report on CAMCE's development history, strategy and culture of the company as well as the operation and development of the company in the year of 2018 and also indicated that the company will fully implement the work requirements of the Group, achieve in the deep integration of operation and party building, and give full play to the organization of Communist Party of China’s effect as a fort, and strive to achieve the goal of enterprise development. On behalf of CAMCE Party Committee, Party Secretary Ding Jian reported on party building and clean governance.

President of SINOMACH Zhang Xiaolun fully recognized the development and achievements of CAMCE, and suggested that CAMCE shall strengthen strategic research and strategic guidance, seize the opportunities of reorganization and synergy to form characteristic businesses, and carry forward implementation of the national "One Belt and One Road" construction and seize the opportunities of global cooperation in production capacity, especially it is of great significance to ensure good implementation of China-Belarus Industrial Park Project. Meanwhile, make good use of the advantages of listed company’s platform, ensure effective management of market value and also shall do a good job in party building, strengthen integration of party building and business work, promote the corporate care on overseas employees, and to make the most of our caring from our organization.

      Director of General Office Shi Hui, Director of Strategic Investment Division Li Xiaoyu, Deputy Director of Asset Finance Division Wang Huifang, Chief of General Office Zhao Fangli of SINOMACH and Vice President Wang Yuhang, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Lv Lele, Vice President Liu Shengcheng, Chief Financial Officer Huang Jianzhou, Chairman of the Labor Union Huang Kaili,; Assistant President Chen Guojie, Chief Investment Officer Chen Lai,; Deputy Director of Strategic Planning Department Fu Yongsheng of CAMCE attended the inspection. 


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