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China-Belarus Industrial Park Becoming The First Regional Special Economic Zone of Belarus

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The Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Belarus has recently released press stating that, according to Presidential Decree No. 490 on "Customs Surveillance" of the Republic of Belarus dated December 22th, 2018, China-Belarus Industrial Park has been approved as the first regional special economic zone of Belarus.

Entry of The Park


The Presidential Decree has determined the status of the China-Belarus Industrial Park as a regional special economic zone, which allows resident enterprises and its management body of the Park to benefit from preferential tariffs for logistics, transport and production, as well as to take full advantage of the relevant customs facilitation policies of the Eurasian Economic Union (including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). The new customs facilitation measures include: allowing the submission of customs declaration with a delay of 2 months to save time for production after the goods entered the special economic zone; no need to furnish relevant information on the goods exported to the China-Belarus Industrial Park via the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union; to allow the consumption of foreign goods in the catering facilities of the China-Belarus Industrial Park without declaring customs clearance or paying customs duties.


In addition to the convenience of customs clearance, the Presidential Decree also approved the setup of the public bonded area allowing the Park residents' to engage in bonded business in the duty-free zone, subject to customs supervision, without the need to apply for bonded facilities separately. This is the first case in all the free economic zones of Belarus. At the same time, the products produced in the bonded processing zone of the Park can move freely between the Park and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.


According to the report, the setup of the special economic zone is the result of consultations between the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. The conditions for the establishment of regional special economic zones in the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union are very strict. The result after consultation is that 3 special economic zones can be set up in Russia, Belarus 2, Armenia 1, Kazakhstan 1and Kyrgyzstan 1. The China-Belarus Industrial Park is the first approved regional special economic zone in Belarus, which will increase its attractiveness for Belarus and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in terms of favorable business environment.


Jointly established by the leadership of China and Belarus in the year of 2010, the China-Belarus Industrial Park is the largest investment cooperation project between the Chinese and Belarussian governments. It is also the largest economic and commercial cooperation zone developed by Chinese enterprise overseas with a total planning area of 112 km2.By taking advantage of its favorable conditions of entering Belarussian market very early and familiarizing itself with the local market, CAMCE earnestly fulfilled its responsibility in promoting economic and trade cooperation between China and Belarus. In October 2010, CAMCE officially signed Cooperation Agreement for the Establishment of China-Belarus Industrial Park with the Ministry of Economy of Belarus. In September 2011, the two countries signed the Agreement on China-Belarus Industrial Park and formally integrated this project into the framework of intergovernmental cooperation projects between the two countries. Soon afterwards, in August 2012, CAMCE and shareholders of Belarus founded China Belarus Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd.. (hereinafter referred to as Park Development Company) in Minsk, Belarus as the primary developer and operator of the Park. The total registered capital of the Park Development Company currently stands at $ 150 million, of which 68% is Chinese equities and 32% foreign equities. With regard to Chinese equities, SINOMACH group holds 32% of the shares (main shareholder), China Merchants Group20%, CAMCE13.71% and Harbin Investment Group 2.29%.

Panorama of the Starting Area In Phase One of the Park

The SINOMACH group actively undertakes the responsibility of the central enterprises and spares no efforts to advance the development of the Park. During its construction, CAMCE overcame the difficulties encountered during the harsh winter and introduced China Speed to Belarus. It took only a year and a half, ahead of schedule, to complete the construction of infrastructure facilities of 3.5 km2 in the starting area in Phase One and put in place the basic requirements for attracting foreign investment by the end of 2016. Currently, Efforts are put to accelerate the construction of infrastructure facilities of 5km2 in Phase One of the Park. In the construction process, CAMCE attaches great importance to the protection of the environment to ensure the Park meet the highest standards in terms of eco-environment protection.

Road No.1 of the Park (Minsk Avenue)

Road No.2 of the Park (Beijing Avenue)

Village of the Builders of Park


On 18th January 2018, the Park Development Company acquired the Certificate of Eco-Management and Audit Scheme issued by European Union (EMAS), the first company in Belarus to receive this certificate. EMAS is considered the most advanced sustainable development system in the world, which shows that China-Belarus Industrial Park has reached the level of being an ecological city.


Sewage Treatment Plant


M2 Office Building and Standard Plant Construction Project of China-Belarus Industrial Park, constructed by CAMCE, was awarded Belarusian Outstanding Engineering Award on 7th, August 2018.


Office Building

Standard Plant


SINOMACH Group is a leading company in the national machinery sector, which has promoted its subsidiary, YTO Group Corporation, to finance jointly with Minsk Tractor Corporation in the establishment of a Belarussian research and technological development center and a production base in the Park. Today, YTO's "Dongfanghong" engine has been installed on the tractors of the Minsk tractor plant and has passed the tests. In the future, it will be mass-produced and sold to China and other regional markets. In addition, Yituo Group Corporation is cooperating with AMKODOR of Belarus for the development of a power shift test stand for tractors.


CAMCE makes full use of its rich engineering experience overseas, assisting those companies invested in the Park to construction production plants at early time so as to start their production at the earliest time. In the morning of November 18th, 2018, the company Weichai-Maz held a grand Opening Ceremony of Pilot Production in the Park. The construction of project was started by CAMCE on April 5, 2018. It is the project that started, completed and put in to service the same year, overcoming the difficulties of standards converting between Chinese and Belarussian standards. It took only 7 months and a half to complete its construction and will become the first plant in Belarus capable of producing engines independently.





Since the investment attraction of the Park started in 2012, with the joint efforts of China and Belarus, the number of companies entering the park has increased from 7 in 2015 to 42 at present ,among which 23 companies are under construction and 14 companies are in operation. The total investment amount of these companies approximately stands at $1.1billion.

Night View of the Starting Area In Phase One of the Park

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