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President of Kyrgyzstan Jeenbekov Visited the Group of SINOMACH

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  On April 28 of 2019, President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbay Jeenbekov visited the Group of SINOMACH. Zhang Xiaolun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of SINOMACH received President Jeenbekov's visit and held talks. Bai Shaotong, Deputy President and the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of SINOMACH and Luo Yan, Marketing Director of SINOMACH and Chairman of CAMCE attended the talks.

  First of all, Chairman Zhang expressed his welcome and gratitude to President Jeenbekov for his visit to the Group of SINOMACH and introduced the basic situation, business areas and the implementation of the project in Kyrgyzstan of SINOMACH. Chairman Zhang said that as China's largest manufacturing enterprise of agricultural machinery and equipment and international integrated equipment industry group, China National Machinery Group has always attached great importance to Kyrgyzstan's market, hoping to cooperate with Kyrgyzstan in agriculture, industrial planning, infrastructure, mining and other fields and meanwhile willing to actively promote Kyrgyzstan's products to enter China through China International Import Expo. and to contribute strength to the promotion of China-Kyrgyzstan economic and trade cooperation.

  President Jeenbekov said that he visited the Group of SINOMACH after meeting with President Xi Jinping today. He thanked the Group of SINOMACH for warm reception and careful arrangements. As one of the earliest countries to support the "One Belt and One Road" Initiative, Kyrgyzstan welcomes powerful Chinese enterprises as the Group of SINOMACH to participate in the project cooperation of Kyrgyzstan's agricultural products processing, infrastructure, industry, mining and other fields. Kyrgyzstan will, as always, optimize its operating environment and protect investors' interests.

  After the talks, Chairman Zhang accompanied the President to visit the exhibition hall of SINOMACH. President Jeenbekov highly praised the large-scale projects in the fields of power, industry and infrastructure built abroad of SINOMACH.

  Kyrgyzstan's Foreign Minister Adalbekov, Minister of Economy Pankratov, Minister of Agriculture, Food Industry and Soil Improvement Mullascherf , Minister of Road and Transportation Beishenov, Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to China Buckett Gulova and other Kyrgyz officials, Vice Director of the General Office Director and Director of the Political Research Office of SINOMACH Zhai Xianghui, Vice Minister of Strategic Investment of SINOMACH Hao Ping, Vice President of CAMCE Wang Yuhang and others attended the above talks.

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