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Executive Director of Finnish State-owned Forestry Company Visited SINOMACH Group

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  On May 7 of 2019, Mr. Juth Kumpura , Executive Director of Finnish State-owned Forestry Company visited SINOMACH Group. Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of SINOMACH Group, Mr. Zhang Xiaolun received Mr. Juth Kumpura and held talks. Marketing Director of SINOMACH Group and Chairman of CAMCE, Ms. Luo Yan attended the talks.

  Chairman Zhang welcomed Mr. Kumpura's visit and introduced business situation and affiliated enterprises of SINOMACH Group, and then Mr. Kumpura introduced Finnish State-owned Forestry Company. Both sides expressed their willingness to cooperate extensively in relevant fields and hoped that they would make joint efforts to promote cooperation to achieve actual effect as soon as possible.

  Hague Nivala, Chairman of Finland Northern Biochemical Company, Yu Xiaoyuan, Minister of Strategic Investment of SINOMACH Group, Wang Yuhang, Vice President of CAMCE participated in the above talks. 

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