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Vice President of Ecuador Inspecting Chone Hospital Constructed by CAMCE

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  Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner, accompanied by Minister of Public Works Johe Jaramillo Hurtado and Governor of Manabi Province Xavier Adolfo Santos, inspected Chone Hospital constructed by CAMCE on 24, July.

  During the inspection, Vice President Otto listened to the report of the Minister of Public Works on the overall situation of the project, and then inspected the construction site. He expressed satisfaction with the quality and progress of the project and fully affirmed CAMCE's enormous efforts for this project. Furthermore, he expressed his sincere appreciation to CAMCE on behalf of Ecuador government.

  On April 16, 2016, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador, causing huge casualties and property damage. Under such difficult circumstances, Chinese government and Chinese people provide support to the best of their ability. Chone hospital is one of the Chinese government's aid projects, which is built by CAMCE.

  Back on 19, November 2016, Chairman Luo Yan of CAMCE, via video connection, reported to President Xi Jinping and President Correa the official commencement of the hospital. The project is plan to build a 120-bed general hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research and prevention on the original location. After the completion of the hospital, it will better local infrastructure and improve local health care level.

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