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Deepening China-Philippine Cooperation in focus CAMCE took part in the 17th China Engineering and Technology Exhibition was praised

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  The 17th China Engineering and Technology Exhibition and China-Philippines Infrastructure Forum were successfully held in Manila, the Philippines on 24-26 July. At the invitation of the sponsor China International Constructors Association, CAMCE held a booth at this exhibition, Vice President Liu Shencheng led the delegation to participate in the exhibition and attended related activities. The exhibition aims to show the comprehensive strength, overseas achievements and achievements of Chinese engineering enterprises, publicize the brand image of Chinese enterprises, and promote deep-seated cooperation between China and the Philippines in the field of infrastructure.

  9a.m on 24th the exhibition opened, Fang Qiuchen,the chairman of China International Constructors Association and distinguished Philippine guests delivered speeches. Then Vice President Liu accompanied the chairman Fang,the contractor's chamber and the Philippine Minister of Transport, Arthur Tugade and other officials visited exhibition hall, briefed Chinese and foreign guests on CAMCE's participation in the exhibition and details of its operations in the Philippines. Minister Tugade highly affirmed the Chico River Pump Station Irrigation Project implemented by CAMCE in the Philippines. As the first China-Philippine government cooperation project implemented by the current Philippine government, the Chico River Pump Station Irrigation Project is progressing smoothly and the construction progress is ahead of schedule.

The Philippine Minister of Transport, Arthur Tugade visiting CAMCE booth

Chairman Fang Qiuchen and Vice-Chairman Yu Xiaohong China International Constructors Association visiting CAMCE booth

  During the China-Philippines Infrastructure Cooperation Forum which on the afternoon of 24th, Minister Counsellor of China in Philippines Tan Xunsheng, President Fang Qiuchen, Minister Tugade and Deputy Director of Base Conversion in the Philippines made speeches. Chinese and foreign guests put forward valuable suggestions on how China and Philippine enterprises should link up with Philippines's "great construction " policy under the initiative of "one belt and one road". The Philippine guests introduced the Philippine infrastructure construction and future planning, also introduced related cooperation projects to Chinese-funded enterprises.


  CAMCE has been operating in the Philippines for decades and has successively completed large-scale government projects such as Banaoang Pump Irrigation Project in the Philippine, General Santos Fish Port Complex Expansion/Improvement Project in the Philippines, Agno River Integrated Irrigation Project and the Chico River Pump Station Irrigation Project, enjoys high reputation in the Philippine engineering contracting industry. The exhibition booth set up by CAMCE, through pictures, videos and on-site explanations, fully demonstrates the company's development history and achievements in engineering contracting, design and investment over the world, and has attracted great attention from Chinese and foreign participants.

CAMCE Agno River Integrated Irrigation Project in the Philippines

Chico River Pump Station Irrigation Project in the Philippines

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