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Members of the Industrial Group of the United Front Department Led by Chairman Luo Yan Investigating China Communications Construction Company Ltd.(CCCC)

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  On the afternoon of July 25, 2019, Ms. Luo Yan, as Deputy Head of Advice and Suggestions Offering Team from non-Party intellectuals of United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC), and Chairman of CAMCE, led the members of the Industrial Group of the United Front Department to investigate CCCC. Song Hailiang, President of CCCC welcomed the delegation and held talks on overseas park development. Some of the participants include Dou Xiaoyu, NPC Deputy and Vice President of China Aerospace Construction Group Co., Ltd.; Li Zhihui, Deputy Director of the Customs Free Zone and Special Regional Development Department of the General Administration of Customs and Li Jinfeng, Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and President of Shanxi Certified Tax Agents Association.

  At the meeting, President Song Hailiang introduced in detail the overall situation and development process of CCCC. And then Chen Zhong, Genenral Manager of Overseas Business Divison of CCCC, gave a detailed presentation on the current situations, problems encountered and policies needed in promoting overseas industrial parks development. Afterwards, Chairman Luo Yan and experts from the industry group had an intensive discussion and exchanged views with Mr. Song Hailiang on the development strategy, management mechanism and policy recommendations in developing overseas park.

  This is an important event on "Policy Proposals for Promoting the Long-Term Development of Overseas Parks" of Industrial Group of the United Front Department. CCCC provided valuable insights based on its advantages of concept innovation, consultation planning, integration of industry, financing and construction, it has created mutiple overseas parks with distinctive features and enhanced it brand as well. Thus, the investigation completed with a full sucess.

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