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Expansion of Tuz Lake Underground Natural Gas Reservoir in Turkey, Constructed by CAMCE, officially Commencing

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  The Opening Ceremony of the project to extend the Tuz Lake Underground Natural Gas Reservoir in Turkey, jointly undertaken by CAMCE and Turkey IC Construction Company, took place at the project site on 29 July, 2019. As an energy strategic project in Turkey, it has attracted attention from all walks of life in Turkey and will effectively ease the pressures in the oil and gas shortage of Turkey.

  Turkish President Erdogan sent a congratulatory message and wished the project to be implemented successfully. Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez, President of the Turkish National Petroleum Pipeline Company Burhan Ozkan, Chinese Ambassador to Turkey Deng Li, and Economic Counsellor of the Embassy Liu Yuhua attended the opening ceremony.

  At the ceremony, Minister Fatih Donmez stressed the strategic significance of the project after its completion in the aspect of greatly improving the situation of Turkey's energy reserves. At the same time, he expressed his appreciation for the active enagagment of the consortium composed of CAMCE and Turkey IC Construction Company. He believes that the consortium has the competence to properly implement the project.

  Located in Aksaray, Turkey, the scope of the project involves the expansion of 40 underground salt caves. The successful start of the project marks CAMCE's first turnkey project in Turkish market entering its implementation phase. And the cooperation with Turkey IC Construction Company has laid a sound foundation for CAMCE to further explore Turkish market. It should be noted that the project fits perfectly with the international production capacity cooperation strategy under the Belt and Road Initiative and will play a positive role in CAMCE’s ongoing development of petrochemical oil and gas projects.

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