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CAMCE 2019 New Staff Training Held

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  CAMCE 2019 New Staffs Training was held successfully from August 6 th to 10 th, 2019, having 48 new staffs from business divisions, functional departments and subsidiaries participated.

  At the welcome party, Chairman Luo Yan delivered a welcome speech and introduced in detail the company’s history, current status and future development. She put forward expectations for the new staffs that they should fit into the company as soon as possible and identify with its development strategy and corporate culture, meanwhile, they are expected to be dedicated, responsible, strict with themselves in all aspects. She also hoped that the new staffs can have diligent spirit, maintain their passion and have the courage to attempt and bring forth new ideas. Party Secretary and President of CAMCE Ding Jian expressed his expectation and wish to the news, he hoped that they would soon become the pillars of society that are accomplished, aspiring and worthy of the new era.

  The training mainly includes special courses like corporate strategy plan, corporate culture, business situations, etc., general courses like "business etiquette" and "communication skills", and outward bound. In addition, an E-learning platform was set up, on which we arranged courses of emotional quotient management and party and government theory in an innovative way combining online and offline training.

  CAMCE provides a broad stage for every new staff to display their talents. Faced with the new company, new position and new starting point, everyone is expected to be brave to take responsibilities in their work, make new achievements in their new career, and advance with reforms and forge ahead courageously.

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