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CAMCE provides active logistics support for rescue after 8 ? 19 traffic accident in Laos

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  On the afternoon of August 19th, a tourist bus with 44 Chinese passengers ran into a traffic accident in Luang Prabang, Laos. The Representative office of CAMCE in Laos and CAMCE Investment (Laos) Co. Ltd., immediately contacted the Chinese Embassy in Laos when informed and actively took part in the logistics work for rescue after the accident..

  CAMCE assembled volunteers to coordinate transportation, accommodation and supplies under the direction of the Chinese Embassy in Laos. Dongchang Hotel of CAMCE provided free accommodation for friends and relatives of 20 severely injured tourists and coordinated transportation between the hotel and the hospital. At the same time, the hotel prepared and delivered fine meals to the injured. CAMCE on-site management visited the injured tourists with the consent of hospitals, wishing them a quick recovery and a safe trip back home. All injured tourists made their way back to China by air on August 24th.

  “In case of disaster, help will come from all sides”. CAMCE, as a central enterprise, undertook social responsibilities and shared its love in this accident, which received wide praise.


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