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Resolutely Win the Fight of Epidemic Prevention and Control! CAMCE Redeployed and Arranged Measures

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  Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, CAMCE has thoroughly implemented the requirements of a series of important instructions issued by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the prevention and control of the epidemic. In accordance with the requirements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the requirements of the superiors, it has resolutely assumed political responsibilities and taken it as the most important task.

  On February 1, 2020, SINOMACH held the third meeting of the Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus pneumonia. Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman Zhang Xiaolun, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Director of Board Song Xin, Member of Party Committee Standing Committee and Deputy General Manager Gao Jianshe, and Bai Shaotong, and other members of the leader group for prevention and control of the epidemic were present. Chairman Luo Yan of CAMCE participated in the meeting. The meeting reviewed the previous situation of epidemic prevention and control, summarized the practices in order to make improvement, and deployed the group's overseas operations for epidemic prevention and control, restart of production and work of the group, and supply and distribution of the group's epidemic prevention and control materials. After the meeting, Chairman Luo Yan conveyed the spirit of the group meeting and related work deployment, emphasizing the need to resolutely implement the relevant requirements of the group, study and deploy epidemic prevention and control work, with the strictest requirements and the most powerful measures.

  On the evening of February 1, the CAMCE Party Committee held a special meeting on epidemic prevention and control by telephone, and re-researched, re-deployed, and re-arranged the company's epidemic prevention and control work. The meeting was chaired by Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager Ding Jian. Members of the Party Committee and key management attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, the participants studied the contents of important documents issued by the superior Party Committee and relevant ministries, and listened to the company's recent epidemic prevention and control work report. The company's Party Committee proposed work arrangements for the next stage of work:

  Strengthening leadership, and comprehending outbreaks are orders, prevention and control is responsibility. It is necessary to consolidate the thinking and actions into the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important directives, resolutely implement the deployment requirements of the Central Party Committee, the SASAC Party Committee, and the SINOMACH Party Committee, and make winning the epidemic prevention and control war a major political task at present. Using Internet platforms, WeChat and other network platforms and informatization methods, the company must study and understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and important speeches, guide the broad masses of management and staff to understand the importance and urgency of epidemic prevention and control, and continuously improve political standing. Regarding the prevention and control of epidemic situation as a major practical test to strengthen the Four Consciousnesses, strengthen the Four Self-confidences, and achieve the Two Maintenances, fully implement the requirements of firm confidence, mutual help, scientific control, and precise policy, Not forgetting the original intention, keeping in mind the mission, stepping forward, fighting heroically, withstanding the test, and interpreting loyalty and responsibility with solid work results.

  The working mechanism must be established and improved. The prevention and control requirements of firm confidence, mutual help, scientific prevention and control and precise measures must be fully implemented.

  The company's headquarters and its related subsidiries must go all out to conscientiously and efficiently organize the implementation of epidemic prevention and control tasks, highlight the spirit of SOE and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, make overall arrangements for epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, and scientifically establish post-holiday work operating mechanisms, establish corresponding teams in time, strengthen information communication, clarify the division of responsibilities, and implement the corresponding work.

  In accordance with the relevant national requirements and the SINOMACH work guidance on resumption of work and production, Relevant rules and detailed arrangements for CAMCE employees' work, meetings, meals, transportation methods, and safety production management shall be drawn up.

  With the safeguards in place, we must coordinate various business operations, conducte domestic and overseas business risk investigation and personnel deployment, and strengthen epidemic prevention and control at overseas project sites and expatriates.

  Members of the Communist Part shall take the initiative to strengthen the role of duty and give full play to the exemplary role of Party members. All levels of Party organizations must give full play to the role of fighting fortresses, and Communist Party members must give full play to the role of vanguard and exemplary role. Management at all levels, especially the principal leaders, must effectively enhance their sense of political responsibility, adhere to their posts, and command forward. Moving forward, we fully support and cooperate with relevant departments to carry out good epidemic prevention and control work.

  The organizations of the Party must work together to mobilize the staff members, develop a spirit of fearlessness, hard work, and selfless dedication, and build a tight line of defense against mass epidemic. We shall actively assist the families of overseas employees in China to solve practical difficulties and maintain the stability of the minds of overseas employees. Party branches of the retirees should actively cooperate with communities to do a good job in preventing and controlling epidemic situation and report the to the company's Party Committee in a timely manner.

  Party organizations at all levels should incorporate the situation of epidemic prevention and control and work performance into the assessment of the responsibility system for Party building work as an important part of inspection, identification, evaluation, and use of management. It is necessary to summarize and publicize the advanced models and moving deeds that emerged in the struggle for epidemic prevention and control in a timely manner, and unite the strong positive energy of united efforts, all-out efforts, and overcoming difficulties.

  At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, Party organizations at all levels of the company and all party members and leading management are required to take the lead in implementing the relevant central and superior Party Committees’ deployment of epidemic prevention and control work, take action and make every effort to ensure that epidemic prevention and control is in place, and strive to achieve normal operation of production and operations and ensure the safety of employees' lives. All employees and family members of the company must strictly implement government control requirements, increase awareness of protection, strengthen the belief of winning. Do not believe or spread rumors, and create a good atmosphere for scientific and orderly epidemic prevention and control. We believe under the strong leadership of the Central Party Committee and the joint efforts of the whole society, the Chinese people will surely win the fight of epidemic prevention and control!

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