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CAMCE Organized Resumption of Work While Continuing Epidemic Prevention

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  Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, CAMCE has intensively fulfilled all the requirements of the Central Committee of the CPC, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) and SINOMACH, and has always made the prevention of the epidemic the priority at present. Besides fully building anti-epidemic lines of defense, the company has focused on the target of the year. On the one hand, CAMCE continued to make prevention and control of the epidemic. On the other hand, resumption of work was organized with scientific schedule, overall arrangement and multiple measures to ensure the stable and orderly operation of the company.

  In accordance with SINOMACH’s guidelines for resumption of production and work during epidemic prevention and control, CAMCE developed a special work program based on the real situation, and carried out strictly the measures in order to effectively ensure safety and health of the staff, as well as to ensure the well-organized resumption of work and production.

  First, organizational leadership was strengthened.

  CAMCE Safety Steering Team was established responsible for comprehensive guidance of company's safety for resuming work and production; CAMCE Safety Working Team was established to ensure the full implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.

  Secondly, specific plans for resumption of work were made.

  A set of rules were made to guide the company in full preparation for resumption of work and preparation of materials for prevention and control of the epidemic,such as Management rules of CAMCE for resumption of work and production during the period of prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Special emergency plan of CAMCE of prevention and and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Notification of CAMCE on office safety measures associated with the resumption of work and production during the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia   

  Thirdly, measures to prevent and control the epidemic were strictly implemented.

  1. Strictly check the health status of staff before resumption of work. Obtain in detail information about the health status of each employee and family members and their travel information during the Spring Festival. Only healthy employees can return to work after home quarantine.

  2. Make preparation of protective materials. Coordinate the provision of protective materials, such as temperature testers and disinfectant solutions, to ensure the supply of anti-epidemic materials for resumption of work and production.

  3. Strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic in the work environment. Make good management of ventilation, disinfection and sanitation in the office area; Check the temperature of staff and visitors in and out; Organize staff to take meals separately in order to avoid gathering, and it is recommended to bring their own food to reduce dinning out. Reduce meetings, and try to use video, phone and other off-site meeting forms.

  4. Innovate working mode. Try to use information tools for remote work, and it's not imposed to come to the office if work can be done at home. Create mechanism for work report and communication to ensure orderly operational management during the period of epidemic prevention and control.

  5. Carry out publicity and education on safety and epidemic prevention for resumption of work and production. Popularize scientific knowledge and methods for preventing and control the epidemic by using various ways in order to raise awareness of staff about self-prevention and participation in a social group to prevent and control the epidemic.

  In the critical period of the fight against the epidemic, CAMCE will continue to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech of General Party Secretary Xi Jinping and the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, as well as fully carry out all the arrangement of SINOMACH. On the premise of continuing the fight for prevention and control of the epidemic, CAMCE will make plan of measures in advance to promote the key work throughout the year, maintain the work targets and tasks for the whole year and remain the work intensity to ensure the achievement of various goals for 2020.

Collection of disposed masks at fixed points

Placement of slogans in the offices

Equipping staff with facilities and disinfectant materials

Defining of waiting distance while using facilities

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