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Take initiative and responsibility——CAMCE overseas projects went all out to promote the stable operation of production and operation

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  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, CAMCE has attached great importance to it and deployed it comprehensively, and has solidly advanced its prevention and control work. All overseas projects actively responded to the joint prevention and joint control deployment, played their role and did everything they could to promote the completion of the 2020 target tasks in terms of quality and quantity.

  In Nepal, the front-line personnel of the Pokhara International Airport Project Department maintained a state of struggle, actively coordinated resource allocation, made scientific and reasonable arrangements, and organized personnel, machinery and materials to enter the site. So far, the project has completed the structural capping of all buildings. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the decoration work, the project department accelerated the progress of construction work such as wall masonry while ensuring the installation of water, heating, and electricity to ensure the project completed on schedule.

  In the Philippines, due to weather, the tunnel construction of the Chico River Pump Station Irrigation Project faced many difficulties such as muddy entry roads and rich rock formations. In order to ensure that the No. 1 tunnel is completed on time, project staff members actively mobilized on-site resources and leveled the road overtime, actively communicated the road support plan with the owner, and finally completed the initial perforation of No. 1 Tunnel 25 days ahead of schedule.

  In Ethiopia, the Beles-1 Sugar Factory Project Department strengthened the prevention of the epidemic, overcame difficulties, deployed in advance, rationalized construction plans, actively coordinated the resources of all parties, and deployed more than 20 Chinese employees from other projects and carried out training before they went to work. At present, the foundation of the presser has been placed in concrete, which has laid a solid foundation for the completion of the subsequent nodes of the project on schedule.

  During the Spring Festival, the site of the Walkait Sugar Complex Project in Ethiopia was also in full swing. In order to carry out the acceptance inspection of the first-stage construction machinery and the first-stage engineering electrical test, the project department reasonably arranged the division of labor and cooperation, fully mobilized the existing human resources, actively maintained a healthy communication with the owner's supervision, and strived to overcome objective problems such as staff shortage and conceptual differences, and finally successfully completed the task.

  In Ecuador, the Ecuador Chone Hospital Project Department strictly controlled the epidemic situation and scientifically organized production. During the Spring Festival, the staff of the project department gave up their vacations and stayed on the construction front line. All staff members performed the contract in three shifts to ensure quality, safety and efficiency, and pushed forward the project progress. At present, the construction of the project has been completed and will be installed and debugged after the medical equipment enters the site.

  In Uzbekistan, since the production of the first batch of PVC products, the PVC production complex construction project has entered the key stages of load improvement, assessment preparation, and acceptance transfer. Coincided with the Spring Festival of the Chinese New Year of the Rat, in order to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the project, the project department deployed in advance. The staff was reasonably allocated, and the on-the-job staff were divided into two shifts to promote the smooth transfer of the project at an early date, and contribute to the labor force of writing a new chapter of the Belt and Road cooperation between China and Ukraine!

  All overseas projects of CAMCE will maintain the strategic strength, strengthen the confidence of winning, unswervingly set goals, improve quality and efficiency and promote development. Under the premise of strict prevention and control of the epidemic situation, CAMCE has steadily carried out production and operation work, and made every effort to promote stable and orderly operation and achieve the annual production and operation goals.

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