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China IPPR helped poverty reduction by consumption of goods from poor areas and practiced the social responsibility

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  On May 8, 2020, China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. (IPPR) received a silk banner from the Pinglu Electronic Commerce Center of SINOMACH, which reads "The epidemic is ruthless but you are caring, helping to fight against poverty by consumption of goods from poor areas", which commended the kindness of IPPR.

  Since the Spring Festival, the outbreak of COVID-19 has spread rapidly, which rendered many agricultural products of poor regions unsaleable. In order to earnestly implement the arrangements of poverty reduction of SASAC and SINOMACH, IPPR actively purchased slow-selling agricultural products from Pinglu, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, which is a targeted area for poverty alleviation of SINOMACH. IPPR took initiative to assume its social responsibilities to fight against poverty by consuming good from poor areas, which represented the mission and responsibility of central enterprises.

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