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CAMCE donated epidemic prevention materials to the Russian city of Togliatti

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  On May 12, 2020, CAMCE donated protective masks to the local government of Togliatti, the site of the 2,200-ton urea plant in Togliatti, Samara, Russia, in response to the growing local outbreak of covid-19.

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Russia, CAMCE, as the vice-chairman unit of the Sino-Russian Industrialist Council, has paid close attention to the epidemic prevention situation in Russia and has made every effort to prepare a batch of medical protective masks that are urgently needed for epidemic prevention. At the transfer ceremony, the local government expressed its heartfelt thanks to CAMCE and hoped that both sides would watch and help each other and overcome the difficulties together.

  one of the first chinese central enterprises to implement the Going Abroad policy, CAMCE actively fulfilled the central SOE's overseas social responsibilities, which established a good image for SINOMACH and CAMCE, and made due contributions to promoting Sino-Russian friendly cooperation .

  The Togliatti City Government reported on the donation.

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