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Major media pay close attention to the new progress of the China-Belarus Industrial Park

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  On May 12, the 5th anniversary of the visit of Chinese and Belarusian leaders to the China-Belarus Industrial Park, SINOMACH Torch Park Project groundbreaking ceremony was held. Over the past five years, SINOMACH has worked hard with many partners to promote high-quality construction of the China-Belarus Industrial Park and has made positive progress.

  Recently, the settlemnt of SINOMACH Torch Park and latest progress of the China-Belarus Industrial Park have attracted the attention of many Chinese and foreign media, such as People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Economic Daily, CNR.cn and Belarus News Agency.


May 13, CCTV News


May 14, CCTV Morning News


People's Daily:China-Belarus Industrial Park continuously made new progress in construction


People's Daily Online:The 5th year after entering the stage of substantial development, the China-Belarus Industrial Park is moving towards a high-quality development period.


Xinhua News Agency : Belarus is optimistic about the prospects of Sino-Belarusian cooperation in the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative - an exclusive interview with Alexander G. Yaroshenko, Head of the Administration of the China-Belarus Industrial Park”


CCTV International Online (China Media Group International Online) :Being the 1st resident company of 2020, the SINOMACH Torch Park settled In the China-Belarus Industrial Park and the number of residents of the park reached 60”


CNR.cn:The SINOMACH Torch Park project has officially settled in the China-Belarus Industrial Park"


Economic Daily: Five years of fruitful entrepreneurship established a model for mutually beneficial cooperation, and the China-Belarus Industrial Park has entered a stage of high-quality development"


Economic Information Daily :With remarkable results over the past five years, the total investment under contracts of the China-Belarus Industrial Park has nearly reached 1.2 billion US dollars.


China News :Five years of development of the Chian-Belarus Industrial Park: From Blueprint to a city”


Belarus News Agency:SINOMACH Torch Park will be built in the Great Stone Park(China-Belarus Industrial Park).


  On this land, the employees of China and Belarus are busy in an orderly manner. The buildings of modern industrial factories are springing up , high-tech enterprises are gathering and growing, a new and an environmentally friendly and habitable international airport city will soon come into being.

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