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CAMCE attended the deployment meeting of SINOMACH on Going Global of traditional Chinese medicine

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  In order to implement the consensus reached by SINOMACH, SINOPHARM and the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, on May 14, 2020, SINOMACH organized a deployment meeting on Going Global of traditional Chinese medicine, which was chaired by Bai Shaotong, Deputy General Manager of SINOMACH and Chairman of SINOMACH Engineering Group. Luo Yan, Marketing Director of SINOMACH and Deputy Chairwoman of SINOMACH Engineering Group, Wang Bo, General Mananer of SINOMACH Engineering Group and Chairman of CAMCE, and Wang Yuhang, General Manager of CAMCE attended the meeting.        

  The meeting studied the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's instruction on promoting the industrialization and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and bringing traditional Chinese medicine to the world, as well as the requirements and development planning of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the relevant ministries on Going Global. The meeting reviewed the key issues of the discussion among SINOMACH, SINOPHARM and the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the overall thinking on the next step to jointly implement the Going Global initiative of traditional Chinese medicine, and transmitted President Zhang Xiaolun's instructions on the relevant work.

  Bai Shaotong stressed that the Going Global initiative of traditional Chinese medicine is an important starting point to advocate Chinese culture and lead to export of Chinese products and services, which is a reflection of the vision of a community of shared future for mankind. According to the deployment of President Zhang Xiaolun of forging the advantages of SINOMACH and serving the country, it is important to seize the opportunities and fully integrate and play the resource advantages of SINOMACH at the level of government, company, educational institution and scientific research institute, focus on the markets of key countries, innovative management ideas and business models, and cooperate with industrial partners like SINOPHARM to vigorously realize the Going Global initiative of traditional Chinese medicine.

  It was decided that the SINOMACH Engineering Group should immediately set up a special working group to organize in-depth surveys and studies of the companies and departments concerned in order to formulate overall plans and specific work programs. At the same time, it is necessary to cooperate actively with related ministries, local governments and partners to refine the coordination model of the industrial chain and to improve the risk prevention and control mechanism.

  The report on the progress of preliminary work was reviewed, and the participants had in-depth discussions on the related work.

  Zhang Yu, Deputy General Manager of SINOMACH Engineering Group, Li Haixin, Deputy General Manager of CAMCE, and Zhang Ren, Director of the Operational Coordination Service of the Business Management Department of SINOMACH Engineering Group attteded the meeting.

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