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CAMCE donated anti-epidemic materials to Belarusian National Medical Response Center

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  On May 18, 2020, CAMCE donated 30,000 disposable medical gloves to the Belarusian National Medical Response Center to support Belarus in its fight against COVID-19.

  At the donation ceremony, Pei Chao, Deputy General Representative of CAMCE in Belarus, handed over the materials to the Director of the Belarusian National Medical Response Center, Valichuk Eduart Eduardovic on behalf of CAMCE. Pei Chao stated that since the emergence of the first COVID-19 case in Belarus, CAMCE has closely followed the changes in the local epidemic and hoped that these supplies would help Belarusian frontline medical staff.

  After the ceremony, the Belarusian National Medical Response Center sent a thank-you letter, expressing its heartfelt thanks to SINOMACH and CAMCE, and believed that the timely humanitarian assistance provided by SINOMACH and CAMCE would help them carry out the prevention and control of the epidemic.

  Prior to this, SINOMACH donated 21,000 pieces of medical sterilization protective clothing worth more than US $ 300,000 to Belarus, which were handed over by CAMCE. 

  In the face of the increasingly severe situation of COVID-19 epidemic in Belarus, CAMCE has actively undertaken corporate social responsibilities, fully supported Belarus in fighting the epidemic, and helped the Belarusian government and people watch together to overcome the difficulties.

  Belarusian mainstream media Belcoma reported on the donation.

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