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Chairman Wang Bo and General Manager Wang Yuhang of CAMCE accompanied Zhang Xiaolun, Chairman of SINOMACH, to meet with the new Belarusian Ambassador to China

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  On the afternoon of May 18, 2020, Zhang Xiaolun, Chairman of SINOMACH, met with the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in China Snopkov and his party at the headquarters of the Group. Bai Shaotong, Deputy General Manager of SINOMACH, Luo Yan, Director of Marketing of SINOMACH, Wang Bo, Chairman of CAMCE, and Wang Yuhang, General Manager of CAMCE attended the meeting. The two sides exchanged and discussed issues such as promoting the high-quality development of the China-Belarus Industrial Park, promoting the SINOMACH Torch Park project, settlement of traditional chinese medicine industry in the Park, and the completion of the Bleached Kraft Pulp Plant Project in Belarus.

  Snopkov expressed his marvel at the Chinese government's control of the epidemic in a short time. He also pointed out that China and Belarus provided humanitarian assistance to each other in times of crisis, which fully proved the true friendship between the peoples of the two countries. Belarus thanked SINOMACH for the speedy assistance when the epidemic affected Belarus. Looking back on the history of cooperation with SINOMACH in the past decade, Belarus has great trust in SINOMACH, and also looks forward to more guidance suggestions of SINOMACH for developing bilateral economic and trade cooperation between China and Belarus.

  Zhang Xiaolun said that under the influence of COVID-19, China and Belarus helped each other and overcame difficulties. The friendship between the two sides has stood the test, which has laid a better foundation for further cooperation between the two sides in the future. The visit of Mr. Ambassador will promote the further cooperation between SINOMACH and the Belarusian government. SINOMACH will continue to serve as a strategic partner of Belarus and contribute to the strengthening of economic and trade cooperation between the two sides.

  Wang Yuqi, Director of the Operation Management Department of SINOMACH, and Li Haixin, Deputy General Manager of CAMCE, attended the meeting.

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